"Preventive maintenance" is not only good for business, it's a key to optimal aging. With ever-increasing health care costs and extended life expectancy raising concerns for quality of life, focusing on wellness and understanding the complexitieis of health care are cricical.  

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Aging, General

 3 records found

How to Crack the Code to Happiness in the Second Half of Life by NPR Staff

(Health & Wellness   February 26, 2022)
You've got to do the work. You can't just wish for it, and you can't hope you get lucky.…
Topics: Achievements Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Attitudes Coping COVID-19 Hopes & Dreams Memories Optimal Aging Relationships Research

Senior Citizens' Brains by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 17, 2019)
Looking at how our brain changes as we age…
Topics: Change Optimal Aging Research Trends Wellness

The Unstoppable Age Wave Referred by Stu Johnson

(Our World   September 7, 2018)
By 2030 seniors will outnumber youth in U.S.…
Topics: Change Demographics Research Trends


 1 record found

Election Eve Expectations by Stu Johnson

(My World   October 31, 2020)
Be patient, the 2020 Election is like none before and the counting will go on for days…
Topics: COVID-19 Freedom Government Media News Politics Research Social Issues Social Media Social Unrest, Division Voting & Elections

Government & Politics

 3 records found

Driven Apart by Stu Johnson

(My World   October 10, 2020)
Where and how you get information matters…
Topics: Choices and Decision Making COVID-19 Dysfunctional, Broken Government Internet Media Politics Research Social Issues Social Unrest, Division Technology Values Voting & Elections

The Census is Coming! Reported by Stu Johnson

(My World   March 11, 2020)
Watch your mail for your invitation to participate…
Topics: Demographics Government Research Statistics

Polls and Polling by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   September 25, 2016)
The challenges of opinion polls and voting technology…
Topics: Government Research Technology Voting & Elections

Health & Wellness

 9 records found

How to Support Your Immune System When It's Running Low by Chloe Gray / Stylist

(Health & Wellness   August 12, 2022)
Here’s how to look after your immune system as flu season approaches…
Topics: Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Coping COVID-19 Disease Optimal Aging Research Wellness

How Many Hours of Sleep Do Your Actually Need? by Claire Maldarelli / Popular Science

(Health & Wellness   July 30, 2022)
It depends on how well you want your brain to work…
Topics: Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Optimal Aging Research Wellness

The Vindication of Cheeese, Butter, and Full-Fat Milk by James Hamblin / The Atlantic

(Health & Wellness   April 22, 2022)
Research has exonerated dairy fats as a cause of early death, but low-fat products continue to be perceived as healthier…
Topics: Disease Optimal Aging Research Trends Wellness

Coping with Another Tough Winter by Brad Stulberg / GO.com

(Health & Wellness   January 22, 2022)
5 strategies from the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology that have a lot to say about getting through hard times…
Topics: Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Coping COVID-19 Research Seasons Weather

Rethinking Dementia by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   March 5, 2021)
Alzheimer's is but one of a web of overlapping forms of dementia, all of which are being pursued by researchers around the world…
Topics: Health Care Memory (failing, improving) Optimal Aging Research Wellness

There are 4 more items for the category Health & Wellness and the Research topic...See the whole list


 2 records found

1950 Census Released by US Census Bureau Staff

(Our World   April 16, 2022)
While we know the aggragate statistics, the details remain hidden for seven decades, but now you can dive into the details of the 1950 census…
Topics: Demographics History Reference Research Statistics Trends

James Robert Watkins: Soul Brother by James N. Watkins

(Hobbies & Lesiure   February 27, 2016)
Digging up trivia and treasures when searching for namesakes…
Topics: Personal Stories (Biography/Autobiography) History Research

Housing and Living Options

 1 record found

Where We Live Reported by Stu Johnson

(Our World   May 29, 2020)
America as a nation of small towns…
Topics: Change Choices and Decision Making Demographics Research Trends

News & Current Events

 4 records found

The Counting is Done by Steven Dillingham

(Our World   October 24, 2020)
The end of 2020 Census data collection, next steps and a heartfelt thanks from the U.S. Census Bureau…
Topics: COVID-19 Current Events, News Demographics Government News Research

Down to the Wire Reports from the U.S. Census Bureau

(My World   October 2, 2020)
Census count exceeds 99% as court orders extension of counting…
Topics: COVID-19 Demographics Government News Research Trends

About Those Numbers by Stu Johnson

(My World   May 19, 2020)
Putting COVID-19 numbers in perspective…
Topics: Communication COVID-19 Crisis Dying and Death Disease Ethics & Morality Media News Research Social Issues Trust Writing

Would You Vote for Deez Nuts?Iowa farm boy scores big in poll by Stu Johnson

(My World   August 21, 2015)
The wacky, but worrisome, relationship between politics, polling, and media…
Topics: Government Media Popular Culture Research


 2 records found

A Necessary Conversation by Stu Johnson

(Connections   December 14, 2017)
Straight talk about sex and marriage…
Topics: Beliefs Choices and Decision Making Faith Family Relationships Research Social Issues Social Movements Trends Values

Friendship by Emily Sohn / submitted by Stu Johnson

(Connections   July 13, 2016)
Why it matters…
Topics: Communication Friends & Neighbnors Relationships Research Wellness


 1 record found

How to Tell Science from Psuedoscience by Natalie Wallington /Popular Science

(Learn   August 13, 2022)
A guide to ferreting out falsehoods…
Topics: Beliefs History Learning Media Popular Culture Research Science & Technology Trust


 3 records found

Who Do You Trust? (2022) by Stu Johnson

(Our World   September 17, 2022)
The Gallup survey on Confidence in American Institutions shows 10 of 16 hitting all-time lows in 2022. That begs the question, do we just shake our heads as we point to 'THEM,' or ask 'what does this say about US'?…
Topics: Business Demographics Government History Religion Research Statistics Trends Trust

Who Do You Trust? (2021) by Stu Johnson

(Our World   July 23, 2021)
After an upward bump in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020, Gallup's annual survey of confidence in American institutions returns to a long downward trend…
Topics: COVID-19 Crime, Justice, Punishment Demographics Government History News Racism and Inequality Religion Research Science & Technology Social Issues Social Movements Social Unrest, Division Statistics Technology Trends Values Voting & Elections

The Changing Family Reported by Stu Johnson

(Our World   November 30, 2017)
A profile from the U.S. Census Bureau
Topics: Demographics Family Research Social Movements Trends