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Reflections on Nomadland

by Leona Bergstrom

Posted: May 14, 2021

Raw, fascinating, and pertinent for those of us in midlife and beyond…

Since winning the 2021 Academy Awards for best picture, actress, and director, there has been considerable interest in the film Nomadland*, based on the non-fiction book written by Jessica Bruder. We had the privilege of hearing a presentation by Bruder in February 2018, shortly after we embarked on our own variation of nomad living. (You can read our personal account on Re-Ignite's BLOG.)

is about a widowed woman who loses her job and her home and joins the growing number of Americans living out of vans as they search for work--and meaning. The film is raw, fascinating, and pertinent for those of us in midlife and beyond.

Here are some of our thoughts as we reflected on Nomadland:

  • Nothing is permanent. Things can change in a moment. You can lose your job, your spouse, or your savings with little to no warning.
  • Older people are resilient. They’ve been through “stuff” and have insights to help them persevere through difficulties.
  • Creativity is the key to survival.
  • The search for meaning and perspective is ongoing.
  • Purpose is enduring. Sometimes it plays out differently in new seasons and circumstances.
  • There is strength in community. Connecting provides support, touch, understanding, and new insights.
  • You are not less valued as a person because you are houseless. 
  • Learning to live simply is advantageous. Purge now.
  • Life can be lonely and hard.
  • We all yearn for hope.

(*Please note: the movie is rated R for multiple reasons. Viewer discretion advised.)

Next week we'll hear from Richard Bergstrom with "NOMADLAND is Not New, It's in the Bible."

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Leona Bergstrom is co-founder, with her husband Richard, of ChurchHealth/Re-Ignite in Edmonds, Washington.

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Posted: May 14, 2021

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