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Despite the Internet Reported by Stu Johnson (November 27, 2018)

Kids still involved in extracurricular activities…

The Unstoppable Age Wave Referred by Stu Johnson (September 7, 2018)

By 2030 seniors will outnumber youth in U.S.…

The Changing Family Reported by Stu Johnson (November 30, 2017)

A profile from the U.S. Census Bureau

Veterans Day by the Numbers submitted by Stu Johnson, editor (November 9, 2017)

The 2017 profile from the U.S. Census Bureau

Defining Words, Defining Morality by James N. Watkins (April 3, 2016)

Words shape society, but there remains a True Word…

Stewardship: Living with Purpose by David Noreen (June 5, 2015)

A challenge to think about the stewardship of the extra years of productive life the average person has today compared to past generations…

Look Out: An Aging Tsunami is Coming! by David Noreen (May 30, 2015)

The "silver tsunami" has serious implications for the future…