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Is There Life After Work?

by Leona Bergstrom

Posted: September 3, 2022

Labor Day reflections…

In writing our soon-to-be-released book, Emerging!, we reflected on the pandemic's enormous impact on work. One phenomenon of note is how many walked away from their jobs—so many that some economists call it "The Great Resignation." For our crowd, the Boomers, it is more accurately termed "The Great Retirement

There are several reasons why many are hanging it up and stepping away from workplaces. For one, COVID prompted everyone to face death and ask hard questions about meaning and purpose. Deeply impacted by the rocketing pandemic mortality rates, Boomers quickly challenged the value of spending treasured years laboring when other priorities seemed increasingly precious. As a result, many took early retirement, cut back on hours, or insisted on more flexible schedules or remote work. (*Arguably, they were the "lucky" ones—others had to delay retirement to meet unexpected costs and damaging financial losses.)

This month, we pause to celebrate Labor Day in the United States. The holiday was established in the 19thcentury to honor American workers and recognize the problem of long working hours with no time off. Presently, while there are no specific prescribed rituals or traditions around Labor Day, Americans typically take a break to mark summer's end.

Work is vital, obligatory, and honorable in both secular and sacred viewpoints. So, what happens when our work ends—in due time or because of events outside our control? How do we feel when our nameplate comes off the door, our Social Security checks or unemployment benefits automatically deposit, and we no longer have a "role" or "title?" Who are we when we "retire" or cease to "labor?"

We believe this is the perfect season to consider life after work, to probe deeply, and take time to reflect on one's core identity, unique design, passions, interests—and dreams. That's why we have put together the My Life After Work Journal. Colorfully and dynamically, the Journal asks questions, spurs reflection, and helps one see the potential of the next chapter of life. The My Life After Work Journal is not a book filled with advice or stories; it is not a devotional book—it is an open book, ready for you to fill in the blanks with your story, hopes, and thoughts.

The My Life After Work Journal, written by Richard and Leona Bergstrom, and published by Re-Ignite, is available in both paperback and hardcover on Amazon.

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Leona Bergstrom is co-founder, with her husband Richard, of ChurchHealth/Re-Ignite in Edmonds, Washington.

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Posted: September 3, 2022

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