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It Could be Worse

by James N. Watkins

Posted: April 20, 2018

Top 10 things worse than doing your taxes…

Editor's Note: In the U.S., federal income tax was due April 18 this year. Some of you may have gotten a reprieve of sorts . . . Tax Day was late because April 15 was Sunday, but April 16 was Emancipation Day, celebrated in Washington D.C., and a computer glitch at the IRS delayed the deadline one additional day. But things could be worse, as Jim Wilkins tells us.

It's tax time, so from my home office in Corn Borer, Indiana, top ten things worse than doing your taxes:

10. Doing time

9. Watching “The Bachelor”

8. Passing a kidney stone

7. Driving in L.A.

6. Being mauled by a grizzly bear

5. Having a root canal

4. Shopping on “Black Friday”

3. Having a flight canceled at Chicago’s O’Hell airport

2. Being abducted by aliens

1. Living in any other country than the United States.

The United States has its problems, but that “Welcome to the United States” sign always looks so good returning from overseas. Remember, filling out your 1040 form and writing a check to the United States Treasury allows you to live in a free democracy with all the modern amenities.

Jim Watkins is a humorist, author, and speaker who says of himself that he "loves God, his family, writing, speaking and Chinese food—in that order"

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Posted: April 20, 2018

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