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Two Giant Hands in Tulsa

by Greg Asimakoupoulos

Posted: June 5, 2021

Praying for forgiveness and healing…

Two giant hands in Tulsa
folded quietly in prayer
call to mind our need for God as we recall
the massacre in Greenwood
back in 1921
when racist bigots cast a bloody pall.

These giant hands beseech the Lord
confessing corporate sin
and asking for forgiveness of our wrong.
These hands that tremble somberly
acknowledge needed grace
admitting all lives to the Lord belong.

These giant hands now call us to
unclench our fists and pray
that love will win and justice will prevail.
These praying hands in Tulsa
tower over unmarked tombs
where those who grieve can still be heard to wail.

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Greg Asimakoupoulos (pronounced AWESOME-uh-COPE-uh-less) is an ordained minister, published author and a freelance news reporter with the Salem Radio Network.   Greg maintains a weekly column called Rhymes and Reasons on The Partial Observer,  which he graciously provides to SeniorLifestyle.

Greg's writings have now been assembled in book form. Find out more.

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Posted: June 5, 2021

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