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Senior Moments

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by Dan Seagren

Posted: March 22, 2009

When I think of geeks today, I think of computer experts. But years ago…

When I think of geeks today, I think of computer experts. But years ago a geek was a person considered different from others in a negative or bizarre way. But a geek was also a performer in an act (like a circus) who did bizarre or grotesque things (like bite off the head of a live chicken). For certain, I am not a Computer Geek (a person regarded as being especially enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and skillful in the use of computers).

I get emails from many sources. Here are some excerpts that arrived today asking if I wanted to sign up for any of these “new and exciting” skills. Here's a chance to make a buck or two:

Take the SDN Quiz to see how much you know about NetBeans IDE. Answer the questions correctly for a chance to win one of 50 free service requests . . . I have no idea what NetBeans IDE means. So, let's continue.

Learn more about DEA? Hmmm. What's DEA? Then, Attend GlassFish Webinar. Ah yes, there is an online free JavaFX 15-week program (Programming with Passion). There was also talk about SCM support and Atom feeds for your wikis. It's back. A second chance to get java certified using this certified code WW39CX1. Second chance? How'd I miss the first?

Years ago I quit subscribing to a computer magazine because it was outdistancing me. Now its happening via email at no cost to me (at least if I don't sign up).

My senior moment in this case is that to my knowledge no one has ever called me a geek. Not even professionally. Not because I haven't bitten the head off a live chicken but because no one ever considered me as enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and skillful in the use of computers. Maybe enthusiastic but not knowledgeable or particularly skillful. A geek I am not.

But even worse, I've never been called a geek in other areas like being different in a negative or bizarre way. Well, maybe that's not true. I was the only kid in the 9th grade who had to wear hand-me-down knickers. Ah yes, there were snickers about the knickers. And the old-fashioned high-top dress shoes (not sporty) I inherited (remember, those years were during the Great Depression). But I survived even if I never quite made it into Geekdom.

Dan Seagren is an active retiree whose writings reflect his life as a Pastor, author of several books, and service as a Chaplain in a Covenant Retirement Community.

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Posted: March 22, 2009

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