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OT vs NT

by Dan Seagren

Posted: February 24, 2019

A quick look at the Good Book…

Some readers may think we are going to discuss Old Timers vs. New Timers. Not quite. But if you are prejudiced against the old fashion, archaic, outdated Bible, hang in for a couple moments while I give a brief comment or two you may have overlooked. First of all, it is true that the Bible is one of the oldest religious documents in existence. Beyond that, it has been translated, especially the New Testament, most likely more than any other book into more languages and copies now actually available worldwide.

The Old Testament is much longer than the NT, more likely less read and understood than the NT. Yet there is a connection. Unlike many books, the Bible has so many authors using several languages of its era covering a long period of time. The OT is basically written in Hebrew while the NT is in several languages.

The OT has 39 books (collections) while the NT has 27 for a total of 66 although many other books were considered, some included in what is called the Apocrypha and others eliminated probably because of errors, redundancy (repetition) and the like. Incredible you say and you are correct.

The OT has several divisions such as History, Literature, Prophecy (referring to the future), Genealogy and Personalities. It is candid at times, impartial, intimate. personal dealing with almost every imaginable situation pertaining to not only the people involved but predictive of future generations, even our own.

There was a gap of about 400 years between the OT and the NT but it covers the same generations (Hebrew) which initially consisted of Twelve Tribes but only Two survived and today are known as the Jews. The OT predicted over and over that one day a Messiah (Christ, Jesus,Savior, Rescuer, King, Lord . . .) would appear which occurred at the appropriate time and Jesus became the Savior, first of the Jews, and then to everyone who would receive Him abs His teachings as Lord (master) of their lives.

Jesus chose 12 Disciples and others to be His Agents. After His crucifixion and death, He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven promising to return to the earth at a later date.

Meanwhile His Agents (followers) spread the Good News near and far and they prophesied that this world will not exist as is forever. At the right time, Divine Justice will determine where every soul (human) that ever lived with be fairly judged and admitted into one of two places prepared for the whole human race. Now you know in part what the Bible is all about and whether you might be interested.

Dan Seagren is an active retiree whose writings reflect his life as a Pastor, author of several books, and service as a Chaplain in a Covenant Retirement Community.

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Posted: February 24, 2019

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