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Senior Moments

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Some Hidden Moments

by Dan Seagren

Posted: August 27, 2017

Many Senior Moments are hiden behind the headlines…

We have heard that many workers have been replaced by robots. But many of these laborers find it difficult to find work because demands for a more skilled worker. But this is also true of many college graduates. Why? In part because of more emphasis on liberal arts than technical and commercial skills and even less on critical thinking. Many schools, private and public, most likely are changing or will change their curricula and degrees in perhaps not too distant future and some no doubt are giving it some serious thought.

Another. A lot is being said, pro and con, about poverty, middle-income range and the wealthy. Here's the national average middle-income range for various household sizes: Household of one: $24,042 to $72,126; Household of three: $41,641 to $124,925; Household of five:$53,759 to $161,27. The study didn't delineate the household of two so we will assume it may be double the single household. This could suggest more difficulty at the bottom ranges than the top and could account for the enormous debts and weak savings that have accrued. It also failed to indicate the upper-income figures which perhaps should be upper and super- upper or something. Then there is the fixed top rate of taxation which does not favor all income ranges.

A third moment struck home as well: CEO recalls surprising 2 warehouse workers with $1M bonuses. One million? How many in each warehouse? Does this imply an unusually exorbitant gain or an incredible accumulation? Gamble? Reward? Bribe? Generosity? Showmanship? Favoritism (more than philanthropic)? A streak of luck?Whatever it is a rare moment and most fortunate for those employees

Every day we get hit with moments of tragedy, death, heroism, terror, slander, praise, surprise, philanthropy, bans, laws (new or revised), winners and losers and on and on. Some events are a pleasure, others not so, but almost daily a positive headline or a byline is a welcome moment. If only more moments were worthwhile whether senior, infantile, drastic, exciting, memorable rather than negative, embarrassing, demeaning or irritating. This would necessitate a monumental change in the media would it not?

Even after many years my Senior Moment columns have not only been a figment of imagination but at times neither senior or a moment but a way of expression – for the lack of a better term. So be it, right? So many positive moments are hidden so all we can do is search for some which I do do. Does that make me a dodo (fogey,goldenager)? It sure does. How would you classify this Senior Moment? Tough question isn't it?

Dan Seagren is an active retiree whose writings reflect his life as a Pastor, author of several books, and service as a Chaplain in a Covenant Retirement Community.

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