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Status Quo

by Dan Seagren

Posted: January 19, 2020

Don't get stuck in a rut…

When we think of transportation words like these emerge; convey, transit from one place to another. Early on it was by foot (walk, jog, run) and then via animals such as horse, mule, donkey and eventually by bicycle, automobile, airplane and so on. I vividly remember my first bike in the 1930s. A few days later two of us went for a ride. We went down a long road, side by side, when suddenly we came up on an object about two feet off the curb. I couldn't turn left into my friend or right, the high curb, and smashed into it. It demolished the front wheel but we both escaped injury.

Recently I spotted an article PASSIONS The Tour de Force in Fortune Magazine which began like this: Every few years, a new sensation comes to the rescue of a beleaguered U.S. bicycle industry. In the 1970s, 10-speed bikes from Europe sparked a boom stateside. A decade later, mountain bikes renewed the business. A now it is the e-bike sparking interest in the bicycle. It's been said that today the most popular bicycle model of any kind in the world is the Chinese Flying Pigeon with about 500 million produced.

This is an illustration of how things can change, what competition can do, how important invention is and how things spread. The Status Quo (a Latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs) andgenerally applies to maintaining or changing existing social structure and values including things like transportation, a lifestyle, and a host of other things subject to change. 'Things' can get better or worse, richer or poorer, short-lived or enduring and can be more beneficial or less so.

The Status Quo is likely to reinvent, lose its lure, face competition and all too often lose its status and ultimately its existence. True, at times the Status Quo is invaluable but at other times fades away or is overwhelmed by another Status quo. Status Quos can multiply and reside side by side, friendly or otherwise.

Ironically, we don't always pay attention to Status Quos surrounding us or another Status Quo nearby which may be more visible, inviting and welcoming. Then of course, temptation can enter the picture which may be an improvement or a detriment. Remember, desire is not always evil, wicked or wrong, it can be helpful. We can be tempted to avoid something or be tempted to do something inappropriate or bad.

Interesting how we forget the positive value of temptation (desire, entice, influence) which is so commonplace. So if your Status Quo is tempting you to improve it, avoid it, or move on, don't be surprised. Just don't ignore it.

Dan Seagren is an active retiree whose writings reflect his life as a Pastor, author of several books, and service as a Chaplain in a Covenant Retirement Community.

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Posted: January 19, 2020

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