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Ruthless in Washington
(September 26)

Libraries and the Death Tax
(September 26)

Marriage or Mirage
(September 26)

True Colors Shining Through
(September 25)

Coping with Technology
(September 25)

Another Milestone
(September 24)

Your Brain on Reading
(September 24)

A COVID Hymn for Churches
(September 19)

Take Time to Listen
(September 19)

COVID Upending Housing Plans
(September 18)

Just Add Water
(September 18)

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Constitution Day and the 2020 Census
by U.S. Census Bureau staff (Sep 17, 2020)

Marking the beginning, nearing the finish line for this decennial census…

Talking to People You Disagree With
by Megan Phelps-Roper, TED ideas (Sep 12, 2020)

4 tips to help bring civility to a polarized world…

Memories of 9/11
by James N. Watkins (Sep 11, 2020)

Thoughts from the days immediately following the attacks to years later…

Nineteen Years Since September 11
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Sep 11, 2020)

How the worst brought out the best…

This is Us
by Barbara Greenleaf (Sep 10, 2020)

Norman Rockwell would paint some different family pictures today…

by U.S. Census Bureau staff (Sep 10, 2020)

More than a third of married couples live in state where both were born…

Do You Have the 'Worst' Job?
by James N. Watkins (Sep 7, 2020)

Labor Day thoughts about making a living…

How Old is Ancient?
by Dan Seagren (Sep 5, 2020)

Don't discard something or someone because they appear ancient…

I Tried These 8 Sleep Tricks, Here's What Worked (and What Didn't)
by Victoria Smith / Domino (Sep 4, 2020)

The tips that finally led me to a better night's sleep…

A Surrender Remembered
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Sep 4, 2020)

Recalling September 2, 1945 seventy-five years later…

God is on our side! And theirs?
by James N. Watkins (Sep 3, 2020)

Finding civility in a polarized society…

Un-Taming the Tension
by George Garrison (Sep 3, 2020)

Some tension can and should be held without causing major dissension…

Mail-In Voting Update
by Stu Johnson (Sep 1, 2020)

Do it early!…

Now is Undoubtedly a Good Time for Reflecting, Looking Back
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Aug 31, 2020)

The end of World War II…

But Where are the People?
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Aug 29, 2020)

Why virtual political conventions are for the birds…

Patron Saint of Freelance Writers
by James N. Watkins (Aug 29, 2020)

Inspiration for producing beautiful words…

2020 Census Update
Reported by Stu Johnson (Aug 29, 2020)

One month to be counted!…

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
by Barbara Greenleaf (Aug 28, 2020)

A pandemic tale…

Profiles in Courage
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Aug 22, 2020)

Celebrating the Women's Suffrage Movement…

Wake Up Call
by Dan Seagren (Aug 22, 2020)

Are we on the right track?…

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Profiles in Courage
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Aug 22, 2020)

Celebrating the Women's Suffrage Movement…

The Debate Over Masks
Submitted by Stu Johnson (Jul 25, 2020)

Fighting the push back on wearing masks during the pandemic…

Wear a Mask!
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jul 11, 2020)

A pandemic plea for courtesy…

Changing Racist Hearts
by Rusty Wright (Jun 15, 2020)

Can it be done?…

Changing Racist Hearts (2)
by Rusty Wright (Jun 19, 2020)

Police brutality: Lessons from South Africa…

A World of Blessing
by Stu Johnson (Jul 16, 2020)

People unite in virtual choirs to bless cities, countries, the world…

by George Garrison (Jul 17, 2020)

The believer's gift to a Covid-crazed world…

Changing Racist Hearts (3)
by Rusty Wright (Jun 25, 2020)

Starting with my own…

Narrowing One Gap
by Stu Johnson (Jun 13, 2020)

A glimmer of hope at a dark hour…

Changing Racist Hearts (4)
by Rusty Wright (Jul 8, 2020)

'Amazing Grace' hymnwriter's racist past…

About Those Monuments
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jun 27, 2020)

Why attempts to revise history are risky…

How Should I Vote?
by Stu Johnson (Aug 8, 2020)

Will COVID-19 impact the way you vote?…

A Prayer for the Divided States of America
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jul 3, 2020)

Interceding for Uncle Sam…

Harrowing Blame Game
Reported by Stu Johnson (Jun 15, 2020)

Looking for answers for the COVID-19 death toll in nursing homes…

Will I be Counted?
by Stu Johnson (Aug 21, 2020)

Don't be left out of the 2020 Election or Census!…

Grandparenting by the Numbers
by Barbara Greenleaf (Aug 21, 2020)

A picture of grandparenting in America today…

The Truth About Lying
by James N. Watkins (Aug 7, 2020)

Don't destroy your credibility—check the facts and the Good Book!…

The Graying of America
Submitted by Stu Johnson (Jul 11, 2020)

65 and older population grows rapidly as Baby Boomers age…

Your Church May Be Prejudiced
by James N. Watkins (Jun 26, 2020)

The top ten signs have not changed in twenty years…

Mail-In Voting Update
by Stu Johnson (Sep 1, 2020)

Do it early!…

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