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The Christmas story in chronological order
(December 15)

Remembering a Lesser-Known Carroll
(December 14)

Facts and Fakes
(December 8)

The Most Difficult Time of the Year
(December 8)

A Godwink Defined
(December 7)

The Blessing Bank
(November 28)

Holidays and Special Days
(November 24)

Kid with Care
(November 24)

A Shepherd in Sneakers
(November 23)

50 Praises
(November 23)

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Senior Citizens' Brains
by Dan Seagren (Nov 17, 2019)

Looking at how our brain changes as we age…

Confronting Marital Problems
by Ken Potts (Nov 17, 2019)

How counseling can help couples…

Feeding Our Nightmares
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Nov 16, 2019)

The dangerous diet of late night news…

A Beautiful Day Movie
by Rusty Wright (Nov 15, 2019)

Want him as your neighbor?…

Mind Cancer Awareness Month
by James N. Watkins (Nov 9, 2019)

Jim declares the need to pay attention to our mental health…

Saluting Puget Sound Honor Flights
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Nov 9, 2019)

Pledging allegiance to our veterans…

Like Their Parents
by Ken Potts (Nov 3, 2019)

Good or bad, is it inevitable?…

Social Security Perspective
by Dan Seagren (Nov 3, 2019)

Dan looks back at his own involvement and to what lies ahead&hellip

Harriet Movie
by Rusty Wright (Nov 1, 2019)

Courage, freedom, faith…

The Tale of the Flameless Taper
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Nov 1, 2019)

An All-Saints Day reminder…

Hope and humor and Halloween
by James N. Watkins (Oct 31, 2019)

Jim's annual list of articles about creepy stuff…

Know your limits
by Ken Potts (Oct 27, 2019)

Why it's important to tell kids…

Halloween and Hallowing
by Dan Seagren (Oct 27, 2019)

Back to the beginning…

Sharing Love, Giving Hope
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Oct 26, 2019)

A tribute to pastors for Clergy Appreciation Month…

If you were to ask my Father
by Eryn McMillan (Oct 26, 2019)

Who knows more about you?…

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Holidays and Special Days
by Dan Seagren (Nov 24, 2019)

Hoping yours are happy!…

Overcomer Movie
by Rusty Wright (Aug 17, 2019)

What defines you?…

Can We Really Do 'Everything'?
by James N. Watkins (Sep 7, 2019)

Understanding the biblical claim…

A Tragic Trend
by James N. Watkins (Aug 24, 2019)

When you or a friend are contemplating suicide…

He Faced Death this Week
by Bill Nichols (Sep 1, 2019)

It made be think…

A Beautiful Day Movie
by Rusty Wright (Nov 15, 2019)

Want him as your neighbor?…

Is This Marriage Really for Me?
by Ken Potts (Aug 25, 2019)

Answering a tough question (first of two parts)…

If you were to ask my Father
by Eryn McMillan (Oct 26, 2019)

Who knows more about you?…

He Turned 21 Today
by Bill Nichols (Aug 26, 2019)

An occasion to pass on a family heirloom…

Washington, D.C. 1814
by Dan Seagren (Aug 24, 2019)

The importance of history…

Harriet Movie
by Rusty Wright (Nov 1, 2019)

Courage, freedom, faith…

Healthy Relationships
by Ken Potts (Oct 20, 2019)

It's hard, but so worth the effort…

The Last Candidate Standing
by James N. Watkins (Sep 1, 2019)

Are you already tired of teh 2020 election?…

Labor Day Reflections
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Aug 31, 2019)

With gratitude for work I love…

Happy 8/28 Day!
by James N. Watkins (Aug 28, 2019)

An annual reminder to look at life…

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