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Opinions and Reflections
(July 4)

A Prayer for a Divided America
(July 3)

Peak Wellness
(July 3)

Scams that Prey on the Elderly
(July 3)

Indpendence Day Q&A
(July 2)

About Those Monuments
(June 27)

Your Church May Be Prejudiced
(June 26)

Explaining White Privilege
(June 26)

Is Your House Aging-Ready?
(June 25)

Changing Racist Hearts (3)
(June 25)

How Are You Faring?
(June 24)

A Father's Day Wish List
(June 20)

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Newest articles continued:

Modern Day Slavery
by Dan Seagren (Jun 20, 2020)

Trafficking is a world-wide evil that happens in our own backyards—and you can join the fight against it…

Changing Racist Hearts (2)
by Rusty Wright (Jun 19, 2020)

Police brutality: Lessons from South Africa…

Happy Father's Day!
by James N. Watkins (Jun 18, 2020)

A collection of hope & humor favorites…

Changing Racist Hearts
by Rusty Wright (Jun 15, 2020)

Can it be done?…

Harrowing Blame Game
Reported by Stu Johnson (Jun 15, 2020)

Looking for answers for the COVID-19 death toll in nursing homes…

It's Time to Take a Stand
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jun 13, 2020)

Contrasting two Georges…

Caution During Reopening
by Abby Haglage, yahoo!Life (Jun 13, 2020)

CDC provides new guiance to avoid COVD-19 surge during reopening

Narrowing One Gap
by Stu Johnson (Jun 13, 2020)

A glimmer of hope at a dark hour…

Lamentation and Limitation
by George Garrison (Jun 11, 2020)

Reacting to both a physical and social virus…

Open Mic for Authors
Reported by Stu Johnson (Jun 10, 2020)

Special event for senior writers…

Destroy or Be Constructive
by Bill Nichols (Jun 7, 2020)

More than ever, the church needs to follow Jesus' example…

Do We Ask Enough Questions?
by Dan Seagren (Jun 7, 2020)

Making sense in a sometimes senseless world…

I Can't Breathe
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jun 6, 2020)

Why Jesus understands George Floyd…

Welcome Summer
by James N. Watkins (Jun 5, 2020)

Time out for a lighter look at life before COVID-19…

The Whole World is Watching . . . Again
by Stu Johnson (Jun 5, 2020)

Will the response to George Floyd's death be a game-changer?…

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Ode to Joy
by Stu Johnson (Apr 9, 2020)

The human spirit responds to the COVID-19 pandemic…

About Those Numbers
by Stu Johnson (May 19, 2020)

Putting COVID-19 numbers in perspective…

What Would Jesus Say About Coronavirus?
by James N. Watkins (Mar 16, 2020)

Putting fear and uncertainty in perspective…

Narrowing One Gap
by Stu Johnson (Jun 13, 2020)

A glimmer of hope at a dark hour…

Kids, I Lost My Job
by Ken Potts (Mar 29, 2020)

Be open, honest with kids about your employment…

I Still Believe Movie
by Rusty Wright (Mar 6, 2020)

True love, rough roads…

Gone Missing?
by Rusty Wright (Apr 24, 2020)

God and coronavirus…

Empathy Week
by George Garrison (Apr 8, 2020)

A perspective on Holy Week in the midst of a global pandemic…

Managing Your Coronavirus Fears
by Rusty Wright (Apr 4, 2020)

Facing the chaos with facts, confidence, and faith…

With Praise for Saint Anthony
by Greg Asimakoupoulos (May 2, 2020)

A tribute to Dr. Anthony Fauci…

Outside In
by Stu Johnson (May 14, 2020)

Being engaged while staying safer at home…

The Strength to Soar
by George Garrison (Apr 30, 2020)

Rejuvenation and hope as we wait for the pandemic to end…

Flattening the Curve
by Stu Johnson (Mar 14, 2020)

Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic…

Changing Racist Hearts
by Rusty Wright (Jun 15, 2020)

Can it be done?…

Your Church May Be Prejudiced
by James N. Watkins (Jun 26, 2020)

The top ten signs have not changed in twenty years…

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