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Joseph, Did You Know?

by Greg Asimakoupoulos

Posted: December 24, 2017

Posing questions to the earthly father of Jesus…

Joseph, did you know...
that being a descendant of King David
would prove to be a taxing situation?

Joseph, did you know...
that carpenters do their best work
when they rely on Another's blueprints?

Joseph, did you know...
that Mary was telling you the truth
when she insisted she was still a virgin
although pregnant?

Joseph, did you know...
that an unsettling nightmare
(given a little time)
can become a dream come true?

Joseph, did you know...
that obeying God can complicate your life
rather than making it more simple?

Joseph, did you know...
that, while your flight to Egypt
didn't result in lost luggage,
the resultant loss of life was unimaginable?

Joseph, did you know...
that you would be impersonated
by countless little boys in bathrobes
each December two-millennia after your death?

Joseph, did you know...
that your infant son
(the one whom you named Jesus)
would one day stain the world with His blood?

Joseph, did you know...
that the true meaning of Jesus' birth
would only make sense
in light of His death (and resurrection)?

Greg Asimakoupoulos (pronounced AWESOME-uh-COPE-uh-less) is an ordained minister, published author and a freelance news reporter with the Salem Radio Network.   Greg maintains a weekly column called Rhymes and Reasons on The Partial Observer,  which he graciously provides to SeniorLifestyle.

Greg's writings have now been assembled in book form. Find out more.

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