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Books by SeniorLifestyle contributors

Greg Asimakoupoulos (Rhymes & Reasons)

  • Intersectons: Reflections on Life & Faith

    America's Pastor Poet Laureate offers an anthology of Magazine and Newspaper columns, essays, poetry, and commentary. (2022)

  • When God Speaks

    "Pastor and poet-laureate Greg Asimakoupoulos’ latest collection of poems sets its creative scope on the voice of God in daily life. Threaded throughout by images of C.S. Lewis’ beloved Aslan, Asimakoupoulos guides us on a safari of Godwinks, pointing out His quiet breath in the rustling of the ordinary, bowing before the divine roars in the disguised majesty of the everyday. Playful, earnest, observant, the poems lead the willing reader toward devotion, a slow prowl toward prayer, stalking elusive glory in the middle of our most elusive routines." -Jeff Reed, Pastor, Highland Covenant Church, Bellevue, WA (2021)

  • Sheltering in Grace

    Greg Asimakoupoulos has served as chaplain at Covenant Living at the Shores for nearly a decade. During this time he has blessed residents and staff with his poetry, music, Bible teaching, photos and humor. Greg has provided much needed hope and support to residents and staff through the uncertain days of the coronavirus pandemic. "Sheltering in Grace" is a creative blending of COVID memories and reflections that will provide strength and encouragement for years to come. Terri Cunliffe President, Covenant Living Communities and Services (2020)

  • Finding God in It's a Wonderful Life

    The film classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” named the most inspirational American film ever produced, has entertained and inspired millions of viewers since its release in 1946. In fact, many families make watching this story of George Bailey an annual, Christmas tradition.

    The film was not made as a religious piece at all, but, as pastor and author Greg Asimakoupoulos asserts and proves, we can see God at work in every scene. And he shows us how, in chapters such as “Broken Banister Knobs,” “Learning to Dance with Adversity,” “Suffering When It’s Not Your Fault,” and so much more. (2012)

  • Sunday Rhymes & Reasons: Inspirational poems for pastors, leaders and other imperfect saints

    A compilation of inspirational poetry by America's pastor/poet laureate, Greg Asimakoupoulos. In this volume of poetry, Pastor Greg paints word pictures that portray both the struggle and fulfillment that define a life of faith. His repertoire of rhymes celebrate rite-of-passage occasions like birth, baptism, marriage and death as well as the major holidays of the church and culture. It is a volume that illustrates the poet's love of words and of popular culture. The author dips his brush into a paint box of hubris, humor and honesty. (2009)

  • Rhymes & Reasons

    A compliation of prose and poetry aimed at drawing life lessons from current events and special occasions. The author views his efforts as word pictures that stimulate reflection much like political cartoons. These "poetical cartoons" originally appeared in the Partial Observer website. (2008)

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Barbara Greenleaf

Books for Adults:

  • Parents of Adult Children: You are Not Alone

    Based on her blog, Parents of Grown Offspring (POGO), Barbara Greenleaf discusses the problems—and solutions—that crop up in adult families today: the difficult daughter in law, giving money to grown children, downsizing, estrangement, grandparenting, communicating, and, above all, the gap between the older generation's expectations and the younger generation's sense of obligation. Through articles, Dear Abby-like situations, and poetry, Barbara provides guidance and comfort to parents who never thought they'd be dealing with such unhappy situations once the kids were out of the house. Whether your family is dysfunctional or fully functional, this book will provide invaluable insights, how-to, and advice from the real experts: parents just like you. (2020)

  • THIS OLD BODY: And 99 Other Reasons to Laugh at Life

    Personal essays on the ridiculousness of aging. It’s clean, it’s clever, it’s anything but clichéd, This Old Body speaks to all of us who aren’t what we once were. With such witty titles as, “Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Waist Gone?” and “The World is Round but my Feet are Flat,” Barbara Greenleaf will get you laughing at the everyday humiliations and aggravations that befall people of a certain age. In addition, she treats you to quick takes by other funny people. Wonderful birthday, host, and holiday book for all the Baby Boomer and above men and women in your life. One for them, one for you . . . (2019)

Teen and Young Adult Novels:

  • Keep 'Em Rolling (Business-Minded Teens, Book 3)

    High school senior Sunny Chung takes a class in auto repair at her local community college, the first step in fulfilling her dream of going into the automotive industry. Her father, a first-generation Chinese immigrant, wants her to become a computer programmer like him and not what he calls a "grease monkey." In the course of the novel, which is partially set in the early days of COVID-19, Sunny overcomes her shyness, learns to stand up for herself, navigates a wholesome relationship with a boy, and takes newfound pride in her Chinese-American community. Here, you'll meet a whole family, including siblings and sympathetic grandparents, who play a large role in Sunny's life. (Teen Novel, 2021)

  • Good-to-Go Café (Business-Minded Teens, Book 2)

    Take one half-Hispanic/half-Jewish teenager, mix with useful tips on starting a business, throw in a pinch of cooking school, a cup of hilarious catering experiences, and stir with gang pressure until, voila! you've got the winning recipe for Good-To-Go Cafe. Enrique's inspiring story is sure to resonate with teenagers who are also trying to find themselves and their place in the world. (Teen Novel, 2011)

  • Animal Kingdom (Business-Minded Teens, Book 1)

    Anything can happen in a pet store and it does in Barbara Greenleaf’s uplifting, poignant—and often very funny—story of a girl in search of herself. It shows that when teens find something that they’re passionate about, the sky is the limit. Although Jennifer is bright, she drops out of school during a bout of depression. She works her way out of her malaise by taking a job in a neighborhood pet store, where she excels at catering to eccentric pet owners. When the opportunity to buy the business arises, Jennifer’s family rallies around to make her dream come true. But that dream is about to become a nightmare in ways that Jennifer could never have imagined. An easy-to-swallow primer on entrepreneurship, a relatable story of a girl growing up, and an even-handed exploration of the animal rights movement, Animal Kingdom is the ideal springboard for meaningful dialogue about many of the issues confronting teens today. Includes questions for discussion. (Teen Novel, 2011)

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Bill Nichols

  • Devotions for a Healthy Faith: Get to Know God through His 66 Books

    God has one main purpose in giving us his 66 books: so we might know that His greatest desire is a close, intimate relationship with Him and that, in knowing Him, we might have a healthy faith.

    Join Bill Nichols and embark on a 66-day spiritual journey through the entire Bible, giving you glimpses into the way God moves and speaks in the lives of real people. See how God discloses His character, His thinking, His feelings, His values, and His way of relating to His friends and His enemies.  (2020)

  • Healthy Faith: A Strategic Lifestyle Plan to Transform Your Head, Heart and Hands

    How HEALTHY is your faith? Bookstores are flooded with books on faith. But there are few practical books that provide what you really want and need most—a step-by-step action plan that creates a faith that works, a faith that has intellectual, emotional, and biblical integrity. What will Healthy Faith do for you? Healthy Faith gives you a practical and comprehensive step-by-step plan with intellectual integrity, inspirational motivation, and faith-building exercises. It will help you what God wants for you—a close, personal relationship with him, producing a life filled with purpose and peace. (2016)

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Dan Seagren (Senior Moments)

  • The Harmonious Church

    Many are concerned about difficulties churches and pastors often encounter. At times the causes are obvious. There may be a mis-match, a power struggle, misunderstanding, incompetence; there could be unreal expectations, unfair comparisons, overwork or indolence, malice or animosity, jealousy, resentment or avarice. Often this leads to acrimony, animosity and ultimately, dissonance. A subtitle could have been expressed as CPR: CLERGY PARISH RELATIONSHIPS. If a congregation is near death, CPR might be beneficial, if not too late. If a congregation or a minister is spiritually ill, suffers from a debilitating disease, is out of shape or malnourished, where do we turn? Are there ecclesiastical physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists and paramedics readily available? (2015)

  • Love Carved in Wood

    This book is unique as an approach to the life and ministry of Jesus, more preoccupied with what Jesus did than what he said. It follows the Lord from the rickety manger to the rugged cross with glimpses in between of a carpenter shop, rough handles of a plow, doors and chairs and well-crafted yokes made of wood. Although there is some "sanctified imagination," the basic ideas are taken from Scripture and worked creatively into the text. You will tramp over the hills and valleys in the Holy Land with the author and he'll take you to the old Minnesota homestead where he relives some of his childhood adventures while spending summers on the farm. (2015)

  • When Barkk Barks, Listen!: What's the Right Pet for You?

    This is an amazing story. If you own a pet or are thinking about it, this book is for you. It begins with an amazing dog named Barkk who tells much of the story as all kinds of pets are investigating, (2007)

  • I'll Retire Tomorrow


  • Love Carved in Stone: Ten Commandements (Bible commentary for laymen)


  • Uncommon Prayers for Couples


  • Prayers Under Pressure


  • Good Morning, Lord: Devotions for Young Adults


  • Couples in the Bible: A Discussion Guide (Contemproary discussion series)


  • Tune In: Discussion Starters for Youth Groups (Contemproary discussion series)


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James N. Watkins (Hope & Humor)

  • Top Ten Ways to Squeeze Good Out of Bad

    This is an abridged version of Jim's 2013 book, Squeze Good Out of Bad, which is available for free when you subscribe to his email newsletter, about which he says "I promise to never share my list." (2020 - see full version below)

  • God, I Don't Understand: Unanswered Prayer, Unpunished Evil, Unanswered Promises

    Have you ever envied the arrogant? The prosperity of the wicked?I’ll admit it. I have. And worse, I’ve wondered if I’ve kept my heartpure and hands innocent for nothing. Yep, it can feel like we’re on a “Slip ‘N Slide” coated with olive oil as we struggle with unansweredprayers, unfulfilled promises, and unpunished evil.As we’ll learn Asaph, one of the chief musicians of King David and King Solomon, watched the glorious rise of Israel—andits shameful decline and utter destruction. His psalms—50, 73-83—poetically and painfully chronicle his dark doubts, crippling confusion,and constant questions.Perhaps you feel the same way because Unanswered Prayer, Unfulfilled Promises, and Unpunished Evil challenge your faith and perception of God. These three issues have confronted believers for thousands of years. Walk with award-winning author, James N. Watkins, as he follows the path through the honest and passionate struggles of Asaph, King David's Minister of Music. --Watkins utilizes Scripture, the work of biblical scholars, and the experience of everyday people to bring hope an healing to those struggling with soul-shaking questions. (2019)

  • Over the Hill - Onto the Mountaintop: Devotions of Hope and Humor (with Louise L. Looney)

    Have you ever envied the arrogant? The prosperity of the wicOver the Hill, Onto the Mountaintop is filled with heartwarming stories of chuckles and challenges for those who have passed the mid-point in life. Metaphors and Bible verses are sprinkled throughout as a motivation to make these years the best of years and leave a legacy that will continue long after we pass this way.(2014)

  • Squeezing Good Out of Bad

    Learn the top ten ways to not only survive, but thrive with a lemon-fresh attitude as you face those lemon-juice-in-the-eye, life-puckering problems.. (2013)

  • Writing with Banana Peels

    Jim had so much fun teaching "Writing Humor" at Taylor University, that he compiled all his notes into a book: Writing with Banana Peels: Principles, Practices, and Pratfalls of Writing Humor.(2009)

  • Writers on Writing: Top Christian Authors Share Their Secrets for Getting Published (Edited by James. N. Watkins)

    Many Christians have a desire to communicate the gospel through the medium of writing but do not understand the basics of writing for publication. This helpful volume of 22 brief chapters provides encouragement for budding Christian writers to continue in their work, instruction in the craft of writing, and instruction in the basics of the Christian writing business. Contributors include Jerry B. Jenkins, Jerry Brecheisen, Liz Curtis Higgs, James Scott Bell, James L. Garlow, Sally Stuart, Stan Toler, and Karen Ball. (2005)

  • Are There Really Ghosts?: Questions About Angels, the Supernatural, and the Psychic Friends Network (The Why Files)

    Explores ideas including witchcraft, pantheism, angels, and cults, explaining what they are and how they relate to orthodox Christianity. (2000)

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Additional books referred to in SeniorLifestyle articles

Editor's Note: We're in the process of expanding the Store list to include all references to books in SeniorLifestyle articles, so check back for updates every week. Last updated: March 26, 2021

Mitch Anthony, The New Retirementability: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams...at Any Age You Want
(referenced in "Being a Senior Today" by Dan Seagren, October 6, 2019)

Paul Brand and Philip Yancey, The Gift of Pain
(referenced in "Growing My Faith in the Face of Death" by Timothy Keller / The Atlantic, March 25, 2021)

Chip and Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story
(referenced in "Surviving or Thriving?" by Dan Seagren, August 20, 2017)

David P Gushee, Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust, Kingdom Ethics, The Sacredness of Human Life, Changing Our Mind,
(referenced in "Truth Decay" by David Gushee / Baptist News Global, January 30, 2021)

Timothy Keller, Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter
(referenced in "Growing My Faith in the Face of Death" by Timothy Keller / The Atlantic, March 25, 2021)

Philip Yancey, Guidance: Making Sense of God's Directions
(referenced in "Lessons from Back to the Future" by James Watkins, October 21, 2015)

Louie Zamperini, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption
(referenced in "Unbroken" by Greg Asimakoupoulos, December 21, 2014)