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Defining Normal
(August 18)

Back-to-School Fear
(August 17)

Overcomer Movie
(August 17)

Keys to Nurturing Kids
(August 11)

No, Not Again
(August 10)

Father, My Mother is Gone
(August 3)

Family Meals
(July 28)

Inspired to Serve
(July 27)

50th Reunion Spurs Memories
(July 21)

One Small Step
(July 20)

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If you have missed new content on SeniorLifestyle or been unable to view the site recently, welcome back! The site has been in hiatus for several months because of heavy involvement in a remodeling project at home and the high school graduations of two of our grandchildren. I am also aware of a recent problem that affected viewing of the site, but that has been resolved. On August 15, I updated enough of Greg Asimakoupoulos' Rhymes & Reasons articles to bring the site closer to normal. More articles from various contributors will be added as quickly as possible moving forward.—Stu Johnson, editor

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Newest articles continued:

Parenting Skills by Ken Potts (Jul 14, 2019)

They don't necessarily come naturally…

The Waiting Room by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jul 13, 2019)

Experiencing the emotion of a mother's last days…

A Successful Marriage by Ken Potts (Jul 7, 2019)

It's no easy accomplishment…

Just Do It, Nike! by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jul 6, 2019)

A call to stand up to Colin Kaepernick…

'Winning' an Argument by Ken Potts (Jun 30, 2019)

It's not always the mot important thing…

Borderline Disaster by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jun 29, 2019)

Haunted by the heartache of the immigrant crisis…

Helping Men Find the Key to Intimacy by Ken Potts (Jun 23, 2019)

Finding a solution to a common problem…

The State of My Conflicted Heart by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jun 22, 2019)

A prayer when life doesn't rhyme…

Being an 'Older' Parent by Ken Potts (Jun 16, 2019)

It comes with its own ups and downs…

All Wants Aren't Created the Same by Ken Potts (Jun 9, 2019)

Learning to sort out the important ones…

The Beaches of Normandy by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jun 6, 2019)

D-Day is more than just A DAY…

A Wall that Unites Our Nation by Greg Asimakoupoulos (May 31, 2019)

With somber gratitude for the Vietnam Memorial…

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Keys to Nurturing Kids by Ken Potts (Aug 11, 2019)

Self-control, praise, teach…

No, Not Again by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Aug 10, 2019)

The madness must stop

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