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Praise for Our National Parks
(May 21)

(May 15)

The Singer and the Pastor
(May 14)

My Mother's Hands
(May 6)

"Faith of Our Mother's" updated
(May 6)

Finding an Uncluttered World
(May 2)

Footloose and Fancy Free
(May 2)

My Five Mothers
(May 1)

Good Night, Sweet Prince
(April 30)

The Real MVP
(April 30)

The Metallic Years
(April 24)

Our Father in Heaven
(April 23)

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More recent articles across the site:

My Favorite Uncle's Annual Appeal by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Apr 16, 2016)

Why I hate Tax Day…

18 or 21? by Dan Seagren (Apr 10, 2016)

Age or prohibition? . .. two approaches to cancer and smoking…

A Round of Life by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Apr 9, 2016)

Mastering life lessons we learn from golf…

Defining Words, Defining Morality by James N. Watkins (Apr 3, 2016)

Words shape society, but there remains a True Word…

March Madness by Wes Wick (Apr 3, 2016)

Lessons from the rituals of brackets and primary elections…

Fading Opportunities by Dan Seagren (Mar 27, 2016)

Opportunities may fade as we age, but we need not quit dreaming…

Who is On Your Mean-the-Most List? by Bill Nichols (Mar 26, 2016)

And whose mean-the-most list would you be on?…

An UNHOLY Holy Week by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Mar 25, 2016)

What Jerusalem and Brussells share in common…

Superhero Rumble by Rusty Wright (Mar 23, 2016)

Beyond the fun of the new superhero movie is divine imagery that taps deep human desires for hope, safety, salvation and justice…

Make Me a Blessing. What's That? by Bill Nichols (Mar 19, 2016)

What does in mean to be a blessing? How can you be a blessing to someone?

The Eyes of Saint Patrick by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Mar 17, 2016)

New lyrics to an old Irish folk tune…

Seniors by Dan Seagren (Mar 13, 2016)

The words of Walt Whitman remind us that Old Age can be accompanied by grace, force and fascination…

Don't Miss Your Life-Defining Moments by Bill Nichols (Mar 12, 2016)

He took the shot just in time…

Good Lord, He's a Bad Candidate by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Mar 12, 2016)

Why I hope Donald Trump is not the GOP's nominee…

Am I a 'Feminist'? Yes and no! by James N. Watkins (Mar 10, 2016)

Happy International Women's Day!…

Top articles across the site:

Morning News by Dan Seagren (Aug 16, 2015)

I suppose not a few like to start the day with good news. Good luck…

Blackboard History reported by Stu Johnson (Aug 10, 2015)

An Oklahoma school discovered a literal time capsule when a remodeling project uncovered slate blackboards with lessons from 1917…

Music in the Mall (and Elsewhere) compiled by Stu Johnson (Dec 8, 2015)

Videos of flash mobs and other performances to help brighten your holiday season. . . Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

Social Security? by Dan Seagren (May 31, 2015)

The cost of raiding the trust fund…

Top Ten Wishes for My 50th Birthday by James N. Watkins (Jul 9, 2015)

We welcome Jim Watkins as a SeniorLifestyle contributor with this retrospective look at turning 50…

Look Out: An Aging Tsunami is Coming! by David Noreen (May 30, 2015)

The "silver tsunami" has serious implications for the future…

Communication by Dan Seagren (Jul 5, 2015)

As a jolly ol' senior, thirteen years shy of a century, there are ways of communicating I don't do…

A Rabbi and an Actor Give Thanks by David Noreen (May 30, 2015)

Lessons from Moses Maimonides and Charlton Heston on giving and thanksgiving…

Stewardship: Living with Purpose by David Noreen (Jun 5, 2015)

A challenge to think about the stewardship of the extra years of productive life the average person has today compared to past generations…

Leaving a LegacyLearning to "pay it forward" by Will Randolph (Jun 13, 2015)

As we grow older, many of us begin to think about what our mark in life will be …

Faithful GuidesEmbracing the Next Generation by Stu Johnson (Jul 24, 2015)

A challenge from VBS: the need for faithful guides to help the next generation become Christ-followers as adults

Imagine . . . then Consider by Stu Johnson (Jun 15, 2015)

Imagine how the world we live in could have been, and then consider the wonders that are there…

Becoming Like Little Children by James N. Watkins (Jul 10, 2015)

Don't be childish, but strive to be child-like…

Return to the Hiding Place by Rusty Wright (May 24, 2015)

World War II drama about Christian students hiding Jews from Nazis

Faith of Our Fathers MovieVietnam War Healing by Rusty Wright (Jun 23, 2015)

As the nation commemorates the war's 50th anniversary, a touching new film traces its impact on two families…

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