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Super Bowl Ponderings
(February 6)

Watkins for President
(February 6)

Judge Judy and the Supremes
(February 1)

Enough is Enough!
(January 30)

Walking on Water
(January 29)

An Eagle Has Landed
(January 23)

Sanctity of Life
(January 22)

Shoo the News Blues
(January 18)

Cultural Change
(January 18)

Prayer Scrutinized
(January 17)

The State of the Union
(January 16)

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More recent articles across the site:

Is Faith and Forgiveness Confusing? by Bill Nichols (Jan 16, 2016)

Like Jonah and the Prodigal Son, Sandy needed to meet the God of second chances…

My Favorite Songs of Hope and Humor by James N. Watkins (Jan 12, 2016)

A collection of videos and links to related blog posts…

Uniting the Charlie Browns by Wes Wick (Jan 12, 2016)

Lessons in unity as I take down my 'Charlie Brown' Christmas tree…

The Death of Common Sense by Dan Seagren (Jan 10, 2016)

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years…

El Niño Has a Calling Card by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Jan 9, 2016)

Pondering the devastation in his wake…

Amazing Breakthroughs by Bill Nichols (Jan 6, 2016)

Medical breakthroughs in 2015 give us reason to think about becoming 'instruments of breakthrough' in 2016…

In One Year and Out the Other by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Dec 31, 2015)

A New Year's Eve prayer…

Is Talk Cheap? by Dan Seagren (Dec 27, 2015)

When I heard that certain people (mostly youth) spend too much time texting rather than talking, I was not surprised…

Lovin' Late Bloomers by Wes Wick (Dec 26, 2015)

A revived persimmon tree with high-hanging fruit provides a lesson in reaching folks in their later seasons who seem destined to be fruitless…

Operation Christmas Child by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Dec 25, 2015)

The big truth about the little baby…

Lost Words by Dan Seagren (Dec 20, 2015)

Without words life would be shallow. We would not even be able to say Merry Christmas!…

Are You Listening? Do You Hear What I Hear? by Rusty Wright (Dec 20, 2015)

Have you ever missed a great opportunity because you weren't listening carefully? Twenty centuries ago some clues to impending good news of monumental import eluded most folks…

In Praise of Christmas Carols by Greg Asimakoupoulos (Dec 19, 2015)

There's no reason for silent nights this time of year…

The Force Awakens Universal Questions by James N. Watkins (Dec 19, 2015)

The much-anticipated addition to the Star Wars series inspires questions from movie trivia to cosmic…

Two Views of My World by Howard Whitaker (Dec 19, 2015)

Two contrasting photo essay videos introduce Howard Whitaker to SeniorLifestyle : "The Fall and Rise of Fall" and "Elegy for the Iron Horse"…

Top articles across the site:

Morning News by Dan Seagren (Aug 16, 2015)

I suppose not a few like to start the day with good news. Good luck…

Blackboard History reported by Stu Johnson (Aug 10, 2015)

An Oklahoma school discovered a literal time capsule when a remodeling project uncovered slate blackboards with lessons from 1917…

Music in the Mall (and Elsewhere) compiled by Stu Johnson (Dec 8, 2015)

Videos of flash mobs and other performances to help brighten your holiday season. . . Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

Look Out: An Aging Tsunami is Coming! by David Noreen (May 30, 2015)

The "silver tsunami" has serious implications for the future…

A Rabbi and an Actor Give Thanks by David Noreen (May 30, 2015)

Lessons from Moses Maimonides and Charlton Heston on giving and thanksgiving…

Top Ten Wishes for My 50th Birthday by James N. Watkins (Jul 9, 2015)

We welcome Jim Watkins as a SeniorLifestyle contributor with this retrospective look at turning 50…

Stewardship: Living with Purpose by David Noreen (Jun 5, 2015)

A challenge to think about the stewardship of the extra years of productive life the average person has today compared to past generations…

Leaving a LegacyLearning to "pay it forward" by Will Randolph (Jun 13, 2015)

As we grow older, many of us begin to think about what our mark in life will be …

Faithful GuidesEmbracing the Next Generation by Stu Johnson (Jul 24, 2015)

A challenge from VBS: the need for faithful guides to help the next generation become Christ-followers as adults

Becoming Like Little Children by James N. Watkins (Jul 10, 2015)

Don't be childish, but strive to be child-like…

Communication by Dan Seagren (Jul 5, 2015)

As a jolly ol' senior, thirteen years shy of a century, there are ways of communicating I don't do…

Social Security? by Dan Seagren (May 31, 2015)

The cost of raiding the trust fund…

Imagine . . . then Consider by Stu Johnson (Jun 15, 2015)

Imagine how the world we live in could have been, and then consider the wonders that are there…

Return to the Hiding Place by Rusty Wright (May 24, 2015)

World War II drama about Christian students hiding Jews from Nazis

Faith of Our Fathers MovieVietnam War Healing by Rusty Wright (Jun 23, 2015)

As the nation commemorates the war's 50th anniversary, a touching new film traces its impact on two families…

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