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Faith, Religion & Spirituality

 2 records found

Thanks to Lutherans I Skipped Ballet by Garrison Keillor

(March 16, 2023)
The question I ask myself is, 'Do people of color really and truly wish to enlist in this army?'' It isn't just a religious faith, it's a culture…
Topics: Arts & Entertainment Attitudes Beliefs Faith Lifestyle, General Religion

A Holy Week to Remember by James N. Watkins

(April 4, 2020)
Celebrating life in Christ in deadly crisis…
Topics: COVID-19 Crisis Current Events, News Easter Faith News Religion

Government & Politics

 3 records found

Sitting in the Sixth Pew, Brooding on Things by Garrison Keillor

(October 27, 2022)
I thought of my grandpa Denham when I took the train to Washington last week, a city he wanted to see and never did. I go to Washington to remind myself what a beautiful city it is despite the contempt brought upon it by so many elected officials…
Topics: Contemplation, Insight Faith Government Politics Religion

Divided by Politics by James N. Watkins

(October 30, 2020)
What would Jesus say to a Church divided by politics?…
Topics: Christian Life Civility Current Events, News Dysfunctional, Broken Jesus Politics Religion Social Issues Voting & Elections

Taking the Election Personally by George Garrison

(October 29, 2020)
A call for humility and grace…
Topics: Character, Integrity Charity Christian Life Civility COVID-19 Grace Politics Religion Social Issues Voting & Elections


 4 records found

Mr. Patrick Would Not Be Happy by James N. Watkins

(March 17, 2022)
I’m guessing that St. Patrick is not exactly happy with the celebration of his day.…
Topics: History Holidays Religion

Hope and Humor and Halloween 2021 by James N. Watkins

(October 22, 2021)
Jim's annual look at really creepy stuff…
Topics: Faith Fears, Concerns Halloween Holidays Hopes & Dreams Humor Memories Religion Social Issues

Indpendence Day Q&A by James N. Watkins

(July 2, 2020)
A not-so-trivial quiz about July 4 and the Founding Fathers…
Topics: Beliefs Freedom God Government History Holidays July 4 (U.S. Independence Day) Patriotism Religion Spirituality, Seeking God Values

Happy Real St. Patrick's Day by James N. Watkins

(March 10, 2020)
So you think you know St. Patrick…
Topics: History Holidays Religion

Life Events

 2 records found

Sing On, Dance On, Good Eye, Ain't You Happy by Garrison Keillor

(September 21, 2023)
I may be the only person in the ballpark who remembers the fall day in 1969 when Rod Carew got on base with a double, took a big lead, stole third, and the fans sat transfixed in silence, knowing he might do it, wishing he'd do it, and then…
Topics: Baseball History Memories Religion Travel

The Beauty of a Bitterly Cold Sunday Morning, 8 AM by Garrison Keillor

(February 2, 2023)
The world is a mess but dread gets us nowhere so cheer up and then go do what you were put here to do…
Topics: Attitudes Faith Memories Relationships Religion Wisdom


 1 record found

Imagine . . . then Consider by Stu Johnson

(June 15, 2015)
Imagine how the world we live in could have been, and then consider the wonders that are there…
Topics: God Nature Religion Science & Technology

News & Current Events

 5 records found

Sitting Scared in Church, Thinking About Evil by Garrison Keillor

(March 17, 2022)
America has been so fascinated with our own circus, we didn’t fully appreciate true evil and now here’s Putin taking his place with Lenin and Stalin…
Topics: Crisis Faith News Politics Religion War

Responding to the Afghan Airport Terrorist Attack by James N. Watkins

(August 27, 2021)
How CAN we respond to such a heinous attack?…
Topics: Comfort & Consolation Compassion Coping Dying and Death Faith Loss & Grieving News Religion Terrorism

Racism and Religion by Rusty Wright

(April 23, 2021)
Sanctified bigotry, or unity and diversity solutions?…
Topics: Christian Life Faith Grace News Racism and Inequality Relationships Religion Social Issues Trust Unity, Unified Values

Earth and Heaven by James N. Watkins

(October 2, 2020)
What it means to me to be a citizen of both…
Topics: Beliefs COVID-19 Crisis Current Events, News Faith Government Language, Meaning News Religion Social Issues Social Movements

Destroy or Be Constructive by Bill Nichols

(June 7, 2020)
More than ever, the church needs to follow Jesus' example…
Topics: Civility Compassion Crime, Justice, Punishment Discipleship Faith Jesus Racism and Inequality Religion Social Issues Trust Values


 1 record found

The B-I-B-L-E and LGBTQ by James N. Watkins

(February 16, 2019)
Addressing he issue with truth and grace…
Topics: Bible Character, Integrity Choices and Decision Making God Jesus Lifestyle, General Love Relationships Religion Social Issues Social Movements Trends


 1 record found

Sunday Morning, Back in the Fourth Pew by Garrison Keillor

(August 24, 2023)
I got up at 5 a.m. and hiked over to the South Rim and stood in the dark in the midst of strangers as the eastern sky lightened and it was like church except no singing and no handshakes…
Topics: Beauty Beliefs Contemplation, Insight Contentment, Satsifaction Faith Nature Religion Worship