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Welcome to our store. Here you will find links for books by SeniorLifestyle contributors, books and other materials mentioned in articles, or additional resources (most on Amazon, a few from other sources).

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Books by SeniorLifestyle contributors

Greg Asimakoupoulos (Rhymes & Reasons)

Barbara Greenleaf

Bill Nichols

  • Devotions for a Healthy Faith: Get to Know God through His 66 Books

    God has one main purpose in giving us his 66 books: so we might know that His greatest desire is a close, intimate relationship with Him and that, in knowing Him, we might have a healthy faith.

    Join Bill Nichols and embark on a 66-day spiritual journey through the entire Bible, giving you glimpses into the way God moves and speaks in the lives of real people. See how God discloses His character, His thinking, His feelings, His values, and His way of relating to His friends and His enemies.  (2020)

  • Healthy Faith: A Strategic Lifestyle Plan to Transform Your Head, Heart and Hands

    How HEALTHY is your faith? Bookstores are flooded with books on faith. But there are few practical books that provide what you really want and need most—a step-by-step action plan that creates a faith that works, a faith that has intellectual, emotional, and biblical integrity. What will Healthy Faith do for you? Healthy Faith gives you a practical and comprehensive step-by-step plan with intellectual integrity, inspirational motivation, and faith-building exercises. It will help you what God wants for you—a close, personal relationship with him, producing a life filled with purpose and peace. (2016)

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Dan Seagren (Senior Moments)

James N. Watkins (Hope & Humor)

Additional books referred to in SeniorLifestyle articles

Editor's Note: We're in the process of expanding the Store list to include all references to books in SeniorLifestyle articles, so check back for updates every week. Last updated: March 26, 2021

Mitch Anthony, The New Retirementability: Planning Your Life and Living Your Dreams...at Any Age You Want
(referenced in "Being a Senior Today" by Dan Seagren, October 6, 2019)

Paul Brand and Philip Yancey, The Gift of Pain
(referenced in "Growing My Faith in the Face of Death" by Timothy Keller / The Atlantic, March 25, 2021)

Chip and Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story
(referenced in "Surviving or Thriving?" by Dan Seagren, August 20, 2017)

David P Gushee, Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust, Kingdom Ethics, The Sacredness of Human Life, Changing Our Mind,
(referenced in "Truth Decay" by David Gushee / Baptist News Global, January 30, 2021)

Timothy Keller, Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter
(referenced in "Growing My Faith in the Face of Death" by Timothy Keller / The Atlantic, March 25, 2021)

Philip Yancey, Guidance: Making Sense of God's Directions
(referenced in "Lessons from Back to the Future" by James Watkins, October 21, 2015)

Louie Zamperini, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption
(referenced in "Unbroken" by Greg Asimakoupoulos, December 21, 2014)

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