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Parenting vs Grandparenting

by Barbara Greenleaf

Posted: May 13, 2021

Turning the tables from one generation to the next…

Something happens to women when their children become parents. At the same time their daughters and daughters-in-law are delivering a new baby, they’re developing a new persona, and it’s called grandma. Here’s a humorous take on how that transformation plays out, with a tip of the hat to Vicky Clafin:
Mom as a mother: “You get what you get. Deal with it.”
Mom as a grandmother: “Would you like your grilled cheese cut into stars or hearts?”

Mom as mother: “Eat at the table. Sit up straight. Use a napkin.”
Mom as grandmother: “Throw a towel on the kitchen floor, and let’s call it a picnic.”

Mom as mother: “No, you can’t have dessert until you eat your broccoli.”
Mom as grandmother: “Broccoli is nasty, I agree. Here, have a cookie.”

Mom as mother: “What kind of family does he come from?”
Mom as grandmother: “Every girl dates a bad boy just once. Ask Mommy about her boyfriend before Daddy.”

Mom as mother: “You need a haircut. Go get me the scissors and the red salad bowl.”
Mom as grandmother: “You need a haircut. Let me make you an appointment with my hairdresser. Then we’ll go to lunch.”

Mom as mother: “I don’t care what all the other kids are wearing. That outfit looks ridiculous. Go change.”
Mom as grandmother: “As long as I can’t see your underwear, your butt crack, or your belly button ring, Grandma’s good.”

Mom as mother: “No, you can’t quit piano lessons. We’ve paid for the year, and you made a commitment.”
Mom as grandmother: “You tried, you didn’t like it, no big deal. Let’s try something else.”

Mom as mother: “If you want to be a fairy princess for Halloween, let’s see what we have around the house that will work for wings.”
Mom as grandmother: “There’s a fabulous costume shop downtown. If we get there early, we can nab the wildly overpriced, wear-it-one-time, fairy princess outfit.”

Mom as mother: “You disobeyed us. We’re upset and very disappointed in you.”
Mom as grandmother: “I don’t care what you did. Grandma thinks you’re perfect.”

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Barbara is the author of eight books, including two of particular interest to seniors. She has given us permission to use material from her newsletter, "From the Desk of Barbara Greenleaf," to which you can subscribe on her website.

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Posted: May 13, 2021

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