Maintaining connections with other people is a major factor in optimal aging.  In this section, a number of contributors share their ideas and research on maintaining healthy relationships and establishing new ones. 

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 12 records found

If You Want a Story, Sit Down and I'll FInd One for You by Garrison Keillor

(May 20, 2022)
Storytelling is an art of necessity, which all of us engage in,, but not all do well…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning Memories Relationships

Be the Most Interesting Person in Any Conversation by Marcel Schwantes / Inc.

(July 31, 2021)
Get rid of the small talk…
Topics: Change Communication Learning Relationships

Don't Be a Bad Listener by Stephanie Vozza / Fast Company

(July 16, 2021)
We come into conversations with our own agendas and low attention spans, but if you want to build better relationships you need to master active listening…
Topics: Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Attitudes Character, Integrity Choices and Decision Making Civility Communication Relationships

America Isn't Awkward Enough by Adam Kotsko / Zocalo Public Square

(July 15, 2021)
Our anti-social norms keep us from engaging in the uncomfortable moments that lead to real change…
Topics: Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Attitudes Change Character, Integrity Choices and Decision Making Communication COVID-19 Relationships Wellness

COVID's Impact on Language by James N. Watkins

(March 12, 2021)
New words and phrases; classic words and phrases dusted off…
Topics: Communication COVID-19 History Language, Meaning News

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 1 record found

The Sunday School of Grandma and Grandpa by Barbara Greenleaf

(December 25, 2020)
Continuing religious education for children during the pandemic…
Topics: Communication Coping COVID-19 Education Learning Opportunity Parenting, Parents Relationships Wisdom

Faith, Religion & Spirituality

 1 record found

Who is On Your Mean-the-Most List? by Bill Nichols

(March 26, 2016)
And whose mean-the-most list would you be on?…
Topics: Attitudes Communication Faith Relationships


 1 record found

She and I and You and Us, All Watching TV by Garrison Keillor

(July 15, 2022)
Personal identity is a complex matter and if a pronoun is all you need to validate you, fine. It’d help if you pasted your pronoun on your forehead, but if you feel that would marginalize you or stereotype you, I understand…
Topics: Beliefs Change Communication Language, Meaning Relationships Trends


 1 record found

How to Deal with Family During the Holidays by Ken Potts

(December 23, 2018)
The holidays don't always live up to what we imagine them to be…
Topics: Christmas Civility Communication Family Holidays Holiday Season

Life Events

 1 record found

You Will Get it Wrong . . . But You Won't Make it Worse by Cariad Lloyd / The Guardian

(January 27, 2023)
16 ways to talk to people who are grieving…
Topics: Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Circumstances, Life Events Comfort & Consolation Communication Coping Dying and Death Loss & Grieving Love Optimal Aging Relationships

News & Current Events

 2 records found

Calm Down, People, It's Going to be Okay by Garrison Keillor

(March 30, 2022)
Our problem isn’t polarization, it’s Twittification …
Topics: Civility Communication Current Events, News Dysfunctional, Broken Faith Humor Jesus News Politics Popular Culture Social Issues Social Media War

Kids, I Lost My Job by Ken Potts

(March 29, 2020)
Be open, honest with kids about your employment…
Topics: Communication Coping COVID-19 Crisis Current Events, News Family News Parenting, Parents Relationships Unemployment Work


 27 records found

I Am Giving Up Anger, So Should You by Garrison Keillor

(January 26, 2023)
I am trying to give up anger. It’s poisonous and it has no effect other than to make the angerer feel bad and perhaps do something truly stupid…
Topics: Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Attitudes Character, Integrity Communication Optimal Aging Relationships

Enough of That, Let's Talk About Happiness by Garrison Keillor

(April 21, 2022)
To create laughter out of ordinary tedium is a privilege. There’s nothing better.…
Topics: Communication Contentment, Satsifaction Humor Relationships

Forget About Nut Cases, Let's Talk About What's Real by Garrison Keillor

(April 14, 2022)
There’s a lot of gossip and envy and animosity out there, don’t kid yourself, so all the more reason to hold fast to your friends…
Topics: Communication Family Optimal Aging Relationships

Love, Marriage, Sex . . . by James N. Watkins

(February 10, 2022)
Jim updates his annual list of top posts, cartoons, and a video for Valentine's Day 2022…
Topics: Communication Compassion Contemplation, Insight Holidays Humor Love Relationships Social Issues Valentine's Day

Two Suggestions for Dealing with So-Called 'Conceited' People by Ken Potts

(August 28, 2021)
It's a matter of perspective…
Topics: Attitudes Communication Coping Psychology, Psychological Health Relationships

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 1 record found

Ode to Joy by Stu Johnson

(April 9, 2020)
The human spirit responds to the COVID-19 pandemic…
Topics: Arts & Entertainment Communication Computers (and other Digital devices) Coping COVID-19 Crisis Current Events, News History Innovation, Invention, Creativity Inspiration Internet Music News Opportunity Religion Technology