"Preventive maintenance" is not only good for business, it's a key to optimal aging. With ever-increasing health care costs and extended life expectancy raising concerns for quality of life, focusing on wellness and understanding the complexitieis of health care are cricical.  

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Faith, Religion & Spirituality

 1 record found

Why Eat? by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 19, 2017)
Comparing spiritual and bodily nutrition—food for thought at Thanksgiving…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition Holidays Holiday Season Metaphors, Life Lessons Religion Spirituality, Seeking God Thanks, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving


 5 records found

What Mac & Cheese Means to Me by Garrison Keillor

(My World   April 28, 2022)
The beauty of old age is giving up the pursuit of evildoers and simply enjoying lunch, which my faithful companion and I did yesterday at an old beloved café that still has macaroni and cheese on the menu…
Topics: Contentment, Satsifaction Food & Nuitrition Memories Relationships

Food, Glorious Food! by Stu Johnson

(My World   January 30, 2018)
Memories and reflections on one of God's gifts to us…
Topics: Cooking Food & Nuitrition History Lifestyle, General Memories

Fiber with a Flair by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   April 3, 2011)
A popcorn lover's tribute to his favorite nightly snack…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition

Baristas are Bartenders Too by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   December 5, 2010)
Questioning Starbucks decision to serve beer and wine…
Topics: Business Food & Nuitrition

Turkeyville by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 21, 2010)
About 100 miles from where we live is a tiny community called “Turkeyville”…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition

Government & Politics

 1 record found

Who Uses the Social Safety Net? by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Finance and Legal   May 22, 2021)
While those with a high school diploma or less make up the majority of government assistance recipients, even before COVID one in seven had earned a college degree…
Topics: Circumstances, Life Events COVID-19 Education Financial Food & Nuitrition Government Social Services

Health & Wellness

 6 records found

When You Eat Matters by Elena Koning / The Conversation

(Health & Wellness   March 26, 2022)
How your eating rhythms impact your mental health…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition Mental Health Optimal Aging Wellness

Peak Wellness By Brad Stulberg

(Health & Wellness   July 3, 2020)
Avoid the nonsense… here's what actually works…
Topics: Choices and Decision Making Food & Nuitrition Knowledge Lifestyle, General Spirituality, Seeking God Wellness

A Paradigm Collapses by Stu Johnson

(Health & Wellness   November 11, 2017)
Lessons from three decades of the Low-Fat Revolution…
Topics: Change Food & Nuitrition Research Science & Technology Statistics Technology

Dark Chocolate Good for Health! by James N. Watkins

(Health & Wellness   August 18, 2017)
A perfect food, as wholesome, as it is delicious…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition Optimal Aging Wellness

Simplicity and Moderation by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 4, 2007)
Food is a marvelous invention. It is not an accident.…Our senior moment arrives when we must turn down second helpings even though we are not completely gratified.…
Topics: Change Choices and Decision Making Food & Nuitrition Wellness

Graze Anatomny by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   May 20, 2007)
Not all appetites are created equal…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition


 1 record found

A Gooey and Delicious History of Mac and Cheese, a Meal Once Fit for a King by Ian Lecklitner / MEL Magazine

(My World   April 30, 2022)
Ever heard of the fabled land of Bengodi, where they roll macaroni noodles down a mountain of Parmesan cheese, straight into your mouth?…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition History


 1 record found

What Was on the Menu at the First Thanksgiving? by Megan Gambino / Smithsonian.com

(My World   November 25, 2021)
The history of the holiday meals tells us that turkey was always the centerpiece, but other courses have since disappeared and much of our tradition today had not yet appeared…
Topics: Food & Nuitrition History Holidays Holiday Season Thanks, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving


 2 records found

Grocery Shopping with Children by Ken Potts

(Connections   January 5, 2020)
Learning opportunities abound…
Topics: Choices and Decision Making Family Financial Food & Nuitrition Opportunity Parenting, Parents Relationships Teaching

Mealtime in Absentia by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   October 19, 2014)
One of the most vital yet trivialized opportunities is family gathered around a table…
Topics: Family Food & Nuitrition


 1 record found

The Little Known Benefits of Raw Oytsers Perhaps by Garrison Keillor

(My World   February 17, 2022)
It was a very happy day in Easton…
Topics: Circumstances, Life Events Communication Contentment, Satsifaction Food & Nuitrition Humor Relationships Travel