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Aging, General

 4 records found

Solicitation by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   September 20, 2009)
Unsolicited mail, spam, advertising and phone calls are not going away soon, if ever…
Topics: Advertising

Foxy Seniors by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   September 7, 2008)
These personal ads reportedly were seen in Florida newspapers. Makes one wonder how many of these seniors have numerous troublesome senior moments…
Topics: Advertising Personal Issues

Subterfuge by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   July 15, 2007)
Subterfuge is an unenviable lifelong accomplice eager and willing to seduce, sell or solicit anything that is marketable, good or bad, beneficial or otherwise…
Topics: Advertising Financial

Persuasive Artillery by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   June 3, 2007)
Well, another column on the subject of bombardment. It never ceases unless we retreat into total isolation (which isn't recommended).…
Topics: Advertising


 5 records found

Selective Advertising by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 4, 2018)
What our houses say about us…
Topics: Advertising Demographics Financial Hopes & Dreams Housing Trends

Senior Investments by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   April 17, 2011)
Some seniors are “wheelers and dealers” willing to take all kinds of chances with their investments. Others dare not go beyond a savings account or CDs.…
Topics: Advertising Investment

Biology by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 23, 2008)
What on earth does biology have to do with senior moments? Maybe nothing but read on…
Topics: Advertising Choices and Decision Making Financial

Me Worry? by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   December 2, 2007)
Some negative senior moments are inevitable, but should never be nourished beyond reason…
Topics: Advertising Choices and Decision Making Financial Future Predictions & Forecasts

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   December 24, 2006)
Money magazine, November 2006, put it bluntly…Hello, Sucker THINK SCAMS ONLY HAPPEN TO OTHER PEOPLE?…
Topics: Advertising Advice, Guidance & Mentoring Financial Fraud


 1 record found

My Imaginary Journey by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   December 13, 2009)
Let's take an imaginary journey via a few selective Forbes Life's advertisements which often go considerably beyond our imagination as well as means…
Topics: Advertising

Health & Wellness

 1 record found

Happy Marketing by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   September 24, 2006)
Now, we all know that seniors take a lot of drugs, probably more than is necessary. Yet we often beg the doctor to let us try a new drug cleverly hyped in the media.…
Topics: Advertising Cost of Living Health Care Media


 1 record found

Burma Shave by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 12, 2006)
How many of you remember those ol' Burma Shave signs along our highways (no freeways or Interstate then. Here are a few that a friend (another senior) sent to me so I will share some with you…
Topics: Advertising Humor Memories


 1 record found

Black Friday by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 27, 2011)
Christmas, once upon a time, was a little less opportunistic.…
Topics: Advertising Christmas Financial Holidays Holiday Season Lifestyle, General

Sports & Recreation

 1 record found

Just Do It, Nike! by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   July 6, 2019)
A call to stand up to Colin Kaepernick…
Topics: Advertising Character, Integrity Football (American) Patriotism Social Movements Sports