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Aging, General

 10 records found

'It is what it is' by Ken Potts

(My World   September 15, 2019)
The truth behind the phrase…
Topics: Change Communication Language, Meaning Metaphors, Life Lessons Relationships

Senior Seniority by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   May 17, 2015)
Not only do we wonder what some people do, we also wonder what to call them…
Topics: Language, Meaning

Senior Defined by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   February 22, 2015)
"Senior" has many meanings…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning

What's in a Name by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   August 28, 2011)
What do we call people who are over 60 or so?...
Topics: Change Language, Meaning

Junior Moments by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   April 24, 2011)
Have you ever wondered if children and youth ever have any “junior moments”?…
Topics: Language, Meaning

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Arts & Entertainment

 6 records found

Pen and Brush by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   June 1, 2014)
Is there a relationship between writing and drawing?…
Topics: Arts & Entertainment Language, Meaning

The Gospel According to Oscar by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   February 24, 2013)
Learning to speak the language of our culture…
Topics: Language, Meaning Movies Religion

Poets Paint with Words by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   October 16, 2011)
A poem for National Poetry Day…
Topics: Arts & Entertainment Language, Meaning Writing

This is It! (Let's Hope) by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   October 18, 2009)
When will our fascination with the King of Pop stop?…
Topics: Language, Meaning Music Popular Culture Religion

A Cultural Necessity by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   September 14, 2008)
The timeless place of poetry in our society…
Topics: Arts & Entertainment Language, Meaning

Sticks and Stones (and Hurtful Words) by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   April 29, 2007)
Lessons from a less-than smart Alec…
Topics: Language, Meaning


 3 records found

Words Considered by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   March 31, 2018)
English in other times and places
Topics: Change Communication Language, Meaning Memories

Defining Words, Defining Morality by James N. Watkins

(Our World   April 3, 2016)
Words shape society, but there remains a True Word…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning Social Issues Trends

Lost Words by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   December 20, 2015)
Without words life would be shallow. We would not even be able to say Merry Christmas!…
Topics: Christmas Holidays Language, Meaning


 3 records found

Higher Education Illation by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   April 19, 2015)
Know that word illation? I didn't…
Topics: Change Language, Meaning Opportunity

The Challenge of Education by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   April 12, 2015)
When the fundamentals matter…
Topics: Change Language, Meaning

Dropouts by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   August 26, 2012)
I have heard of dropouts since I was considerably younger. However, there seems to be a greater incidence of dropouts today raising concern.…
Topics: Language, Meaning

Faith, Religion & Spirituality

 1 record found

Short Sermons by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   January 24, 2009)
Some churches use their signs for one-sentence sermons (attention grabbers, food for thought, and other purposes)…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning Religion


 18 records found

City Slickers by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   May 24, 2020)
Memories of growing up in the city, with summers on the farm…
Topics: Family History Language, Meaning Lifestyle, General Memories

Wonderful Words submitted by Stu Johnson

(My World   January 27, 2020)
…that take a whole sentence to convey in English…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning

Facts and Fakes by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   December 8, 2019)
It's often hard to discern the difference…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning Lies, Deception, Scams News Social Issues Technology Trends Writing

August by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   August 14, 2016)
Naming the months…
Topics: History Language, Meaning

Clogged Drains by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   May 3, 2015)
Life, at its best, is a pleasant mix of intellectuals and roto-rooters…
Topics: Inspiration Language, Meaning

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Government & Politics

 2 records found

A Way with Words by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   July 21, 2018)
Exposing President Trump's verbal challenges…
Topics: Current Events, News Language, Meaning News Politics Popular Culture Writing

Domestic Parter-Ships by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   November 1, 2009)
Should their moorage be equal to marriage?
Topics: Family Language, Meaning Politics Social Issues


 1 record found

Headin' South by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   August 1, 2010)
One little ol' lady told her beautician that her church was headin' South…
Topics: Language, Meaning


 2 records found

The ABCs of Life by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   June 25, 2016)
An alphabetical list of life lessons…
Topics: Attitudes Contemplation, Insight Inspiration Language, Meaning Wisdom

Words to Live By contributed by David Noreen

(Rhymes & Reasons   February 12, 2010)
For anyone who knew Dr. Clyde Kilby, the suggestions which he penned came as no surprise…
Topics: Inspiration Language, Meaning


 2 records found

Newspapers by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   March 25, 2012)
Thoughts from a newspaper fan…
Topics: Language, Meaning News Print (Books, Newspapers, Magazines)

Preventing Truth Decay by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   November 4, 2007)
Exposing the cultural cavity of deception…
Topics: Communication Ethics & Morality Language, Meaning Media News Popular Culture

News & Current Events

 1 record found

Trump by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   June 19, 2016)
The word, the name, the candidate, the choice…
Topics: Language, Meaning News Politics


 1 record found

The Word on Marriage by Stu Johnson

(Connections   April 6, 2018)
Describing a successful marriage in one word…
Topics: Beliefs Bible Character, Integrity Choices and Decision Making Faith Family Hopes & Dreams Inspiration Language, Meaning Optimal Aging Relationships

Sports & Recreation

 1 record found

Life is Like "The Boston" by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   April 20, 2007)
There's more to a marathon than meets the eye…
Topics: Inspiration Language, Meaning Sports


 3 records found

My Computer by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   January 15, 2017)
New technology, new meanings to old words
Topics: Change Computers (and other Digital devices) Language, Meaning Technology

Smartphones by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   March 3, 2013)
My Webster's 1266 page dictionary doesn't include the word smartphone. It does have smart and phone…
Topics: Communication Computers (and other Digital devices) Language, Meaning

Cybernetics by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   January 11, 2009)
My most recent senior moment arrived when I realized how limited my vocabulary really is…
Topics: Computers (and other Digital devices) Language, Meaning Science & Technology