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Arts & Entertainment

 1 record found

Celebrities by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   May 15, 2016)
The role of celebrity in culture and hope for a desire to make a better world…
Topics: Popular Culture Service Social Issues


 1 record found

How Should I Vote? by Stu Johnson

(My World   August 8, 2020)
Will COVID-19 impact the way you vote?…
Topics: COVID-19 George Floyd Government News Politics Social Issues Voting & Elections


 2 records found

The Truth About Lying by James N. Watkins

(Connections   August 7, 2020)
Don't destroy your credibility—check the facts and the Good Book!…
Topics: Bible Character, Integrity Communication COVID-19 Current Events, News Fraud Language, Meaning Media News Relationships Social Issues Social Media Trust Writing

Defining Words, Defining Morality by James N. Watkins

(Our World   April 3, 2016)
Words shape society, but there remains a True Word…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning Social Issues Trends

Faith, Religion & Spirituality

 5 records found

Winds of Love and Hate by James N. Watkins

(Faith   May 29, 2020)
Point-counterpoint on Pentecost Sunday and the role of Christians in today's divided world…
Topics: Beliefs Bible Character, Integrity Christian Life Faith Jesus Love Religion Social Issues

Banning King David? by James N. Watkins

(My World   January 17, 2018)
In the present climate, could this actually happen?…
Topics: Bible Character, Integrity Discipline Faith Relationships Scandal Social Issues

Help, Lord, the World is Upside Down! by Stu Johnson

(My World   November 10, 2017)
Keeping perspective when nothing seems right in the world…
Topics: Bible Coping Crisis Disaster Faith God Loss & Grieving Social Issues Tragedy

Sensitivity by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   May 16, 2010)
Two examples that could challenge our sensitivities…
Topics: Religion Social Issues

Endangered Species by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   November 1, 2009)
Why those who take the Bible seriously may be disappearing…
Topics: Beliefs Bible Political Correctness Religion Social Issues


 7 records found

Wake Up Call by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   August 22, 2020)
Are we on the right track?…
Topics: Change Character, Integrity History Social Issues Trends Values

Life Matters by James N. Watkins

(My World   January 18, 2020)
From womb to tomb…
Topics: Choices and Decision Making Compassion Contemplation, Insight Courage Crime, Justice, Punishment Ethics & Morality Social Issues

Facts and Fakes by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   December 8, 2019)
It's often hard to discern the difference…
Topics: Communication Language, Meaning Lies, Deception, Scams News Social Issues Technology Trends Writing

The State of My Conflicted Heart by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   June 22, 2019)
A prayer when life doesn't rhyme…
Topics: Current Events, News Dysfunctional, Broken Government Relationships Social Issues Trends

From Womb to Tomb by James N. Watkins

(My World   January 18, 2019)
All lives matter, all the time…
Topics: Crime, Justice, Punishment Faith Health Care History Relationships Social Issues Social Movements

The Death of Common Sense by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   January 10, 2016)
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years…
Topics: Civility Knowledge Social Issues

Let Freedom Ring! by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   May 2, 2010)
Once we've cleaned the clapper of our culture…
Topics: Risk Social Issues Trouble

Government & Politics

 9 records found

Will I be Counted? by Stu Johnson

(My World   August 21, 2020)
Don't be left out of the 2020 Election or Census!…
Topics: COVID-19 Crime, Justice, Punishment Demographics George Floyd News Politics Social Issues Statistics Voting & Elections

The Last Candidate Standing by James N. Watkins

(My World   September 1, 2019)
Are you already tired of teh 2020 election?…
Topics: Current Events, News Government Media News Politics Social Issues

May I Be Frank, Mr. President? by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   December 17, 2017)
Challenging a double standard in the Oval Office…
Topics: Crime, Justice, Punishment Current Events, News Ethics & Morality News Politics Scandal Social Issues Values

A State of Indecision by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   October 21, 2012)
Washington state debates same-sex marriage…
Topics: Faith Family Political Correctness Politics Social Issues

Don't Ask? Don't Tell? by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   January 9, 2011)
What would the Generals say?…
Topics: Armed Forces Current Events, News History Social Issues

There are 4 more items for this category and the Social Issues topic...See the whole list

Health & Wellness

 6 records found

Hope for Pandemic Victims by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   August 8, 2020)
Looking at the present crisis through the perspective of a long life…
Topics: COVID-19 Crisis Fears, Concerns Future Hopes & Dreams News Social Issues Unemployment Wellness

Mind Cancer Awareness Month by James N. Watkins

(Health & Wellness   November 9, 2019)
Jim declares the need to pay attention to our mental health…
Topics: Coping Social Issues Stress Wellness

Up in Smoke by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   September 28, 2019)
Vaping and pot are taking a toll…
Topics: Current Events, News Disease Health Care Lifestyle, General Social Issues Wellness

Suicide by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   September 10, 2019)
Focusing on prevention…
Topics: Dying and Death Depresson Health Care Social Issues Trends

Addiction by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   July 8, 2018)
A call for understanding and compassion…
Topics: Abuse and Addiction Addictions Advocacy Compassion Health Care Lifestyle, General Risk Social Issues

18 or 21? by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   April 10, 2016)
Age or prohibition? . .. two approaches to cancer and smoking…
Topics: Health Care News Politics Science & Technology Social Issues Wellness


 4 records found

Harriet Movie by Rusty Wright

(Arts & Entertainment   November 1, 2019)
Courage, freedom, faith…
Topics: Personal Stories (Biography/Autobiography) Character, Integrity Choices and Decision Making Courage Faith Freedom History Hopes & Dreams Inspiration Leadership Social Issues Social Movements

Checking Out the Green Book by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   January 26, 2019)
The book that inspired a movie (eighty years later)…
Topics: History Media Minorities Movies Relationships Social Issues Social Movements

Birth of a Nation Movie by Rusty Wright

(Arts & Entertainment   October 1, 2016)
Freedom fighter or domestic terrorist?…
Topics: History Movies Social Issues Social Movements

Immigration by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   June 10, 2007)
There's a lot of talk, more than action, on immigration these days (May 2007)…
Topics: History Policy, Policy Formation Social Issues


 4 records found

A Prayer for the Divided States of America by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   July 3, 2020)
Interceding for Uncle Sam…
Topics: Current Events, News George Floyd History Holidays July 4 (U.S. Independence Day) News Prayer Relationships Social Issues Social Unrest, Division Values

Pint-Size Outlaws at Your Front Door by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   October 31, 2008)
A trick or treatise on welfare fraud…
Topics: Halloween Holidays Politics Social Issues

Homeless in Seattle by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   August 31, 2008)
Labor Day dreams for meaningful work and shelter…
Topics: Housing Social Issues Work

Following the Doctor's Orders by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   January 14, 2007)
Why Dr. King's prescription for racial inequality needs to be acts on…
Topics: Personal Stories (Biography/Autobiography) Holidays Social Issues Social Movements Tribute, Testimony

Housing and Living Options

 3 records found

COVID Upending Housing Plans by Ellen James Martin,

(Finance and Legal   September 18, 2020)
Pandemic forcing some retirees to reconsider options…
Topics: Change COVID-19 Family Hopes & Dreams Housing Planning Social Issues

Is Your House Aging-Ready? Reported by Stu Johnson

(Finance and Legal   June 25, 2020)
The desire to age in place requires a suitable place…
Topics: Financial Hopes & Dreams Housing Safety Social Issues Trends

Exploring Cohousing by Stu Johnson

(Finance and Legal   February 24, 2016)
Looking at housing options, starting with cohousing…
Topics: Housing Optimal Aging Relationships Social Issues Trends


 1 record found

Unmasking Our Praise for God's Green Earth by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   April 24, 2020)
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day…
Topics: COVID-19 Crisis Faith History Inspiration Nature Science & Technology Social Issues Trends

News & Current Events

 36 records found

It was John's Time by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   August 1, 2020)
Celebrating the legacy of Congressman John Lewis…
Topics: Personal Stories (Biography/Autobiography) Current Events, News Dying and Death George Floyd History Leadership News Social Issues Social Movements Tribute, Testimony

Mobs and the Workplace by Veronique De Rugy

(My World   July 30, 2020)
'Cancel Culture' needs to slow down…
Topics: Communication Current Events, News Freedom George Floyd Language, Meaning News Social Issues Social Movements

Superspreading COVID-19 Submitted by Stu Johnson

(Health & Wellness   July 25, 2020)
Events propel the coronavirus pandemic…
Topics: Choices and Decision Making COVID-19 Current Events, News Disease Lifestyle, General News Relationships Social Issues

The Guardians of Right by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   July 18, 2020)
Who ultimately should decide what is left?…
Topics: Current Events, News Football (American) Freedom George Floyd News Social Issues Social Movements Sports

About Those Monuments by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   June 27, 2020)
Why attempts to revise history are risky…
Topics: Crime, Justice, Punishment Current Events, News George Floyd History News Social Issues Social Movements Social Unrest, Division

There are 31 more items for this category and the Social Issues topic...See the whole list


 15 records found

Talking to People You Disagree With by Megan Phelps-Roper, TED ideas

(Connections   September 12, 2020)
4 tips to help bring civility to a polarized world…
Topics: Character, Integrity Choices and Decision Making Civility Communication George Floyd Language, Meaning Politics Relationships Social Issues

God is on our side! And theirs? by James N. Watkins

(Connections   September 3, 2020)
Finding civility in a polarized society…
Topics: Bible Civility Communication Current Events, News Faith George Floyd Grace History Love Relationships Social Issues Social Media

I Stand for Folks of Color by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   August 15, 2020)
What it takes to color our world with kindness…
Topics: Communication Compassion Crime, Justice, Punishment Faith George Floyd Grace Relationships Social Issues

Changing Racist Hearts (5) by Rusty Wright

(Connections   July 23, 2020)
Abolishing the slave trade…
Topics: Change Crime, Justice, Punishment George Floyd Government History Relationships Social Issues Social Movements

White, 'woke' . . . and 'privileged' by James N. Watkins

(My World   July 10, 2020)
Boyhood memories stir thoughts on racism and privilege today…
Topics: COVID-19 Current Events, News George Floyd History News Relationships Social Issues Social Movements

There are 10 more items for this category and the Social Issues topic...See the whole list

Sports & Recreation

 2 records found

I Can't Stand for This by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   October 1, 2017)
Reflecting on the NFL player's boycott of the National Anthem…
Topics: Football (American) News Patriotism Social Issues Social Movements Sports Values

It Doesn't Take a Wizard by Greg Asimakoupoulos

(Rhymes & Reasons   May 5, 2013)
Putting Jason Collins' "coming out" in perspective…
Topics: Social Issues Sports

Theater and Movies

 1 record found

John Rhys-DaviesVeteran actor with heart and conviction by Rusty Wright

(Arts & Entertainment   June 4, 2015)
Rusty Wright interviewed the veteran actor before the release of "Beyond the Mask," revealing his deep passion for social issues and life lessons in love and forgiveness
Topics: Personal Stories (Biography/Autobiography) Forgive, Forgiveness Love Movies Social Issues


 2 records found

A Tragic Trend by James N. Watkins

(Health & Wellness   August 24, 2019)
When you or a friend are contemplating suicide…
Topics: Choices and Decision Making Coping Fears, Concerns Future Loneliness Social Issues Stress Tragedy Trends Trouble Wellness

Mismatching? by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   November 13, 2016)
The changing role of men…
Topics: Social Issues Trends Work

Work, Employment

 2 records found

Income Equity USA by Dan Seagren

(Senior Moments   December 31, 2017)
Achieving equity a worthy but complicated goal…
Topics: Financial Income Social Issues Statistics Trends Work

Am I a 'Feminist'? Yes and no! by James N. Watkins

(My World   March 10, 2016)
Happy International Women's Day!…
Topics: Opportunity Relationships Social Issues Trends Work