"Preventive maintenance" is not only good for business, it's a key to optimal aging. With ever-increasing health care costs and extended life expectancy raising concerns for quality of life, focusing on wellness and understanding the complexitieis of health care are cricical.  

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 1 record found

Were You Part of History? by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(My World   May 1, 2021)
Despite unique challenges to voter registration and voting created by COVID-19 and heightened concerns about turnout as a result, the 2020 election had the highest voter turnout of the 21st century…
Topics: COVID-19 Government News Politics Social Issues Voting & Elections

Government & Politics

 3 records found

Who Uses the Social Safety Net? by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Finance and Legal   May 22, 2021)
While those with a high school diploma or less make up the majority of government assistance recipients, even before COVID one in seven had earned a college degree…
Topics: Circumstances, Life Events COVID-19 Education Financial Food & Nuitrition Government Social Services

Constitution Day and the 2020 Census by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Our World   September 17, 2020)
Marking the beginning, nearing the finish line for this decennial census…
Topics: Demographics Government History Statistics Trends

Counting Transient People by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Finance and Legal   March 2, 2020)
How the U.S. Census Bureau counts people living in unconventional places…
Topics: Demographics Government Travel Trends

Health & Wellness

 3 records found

Medical Debt by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Finance and Legal   April 10, 2021)
How serious is it and who has the most?…
Topics: Demographics Financial Health Care Statistics Trends

Planning to Get Vaccinated? by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Health & Wellness   January 30, 2021)
About half of adults (and three quarters of seniors) yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccine definitely plan on doing so . . .where do you stand?…
Topics: COVID-19 Disease Health Care News Opportunity Wellness

Pandemic Anxiety and Depression Among Young Adults Living Alone by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Health & Wellness   January 15, 2021)
Living alone has more impact on mental health of young adults than older adults…
Topics: COVID-19 Crisis Current Events, News Demographics Depresson Living Alone Loneliness Relationships Wellness


 4 records found

Veterans and Those They Left Behind by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Finance and Legal   May 27, 2021)
How we take care of families of those who died while serviing in US Armed Forces…
Topics: Armed Forces Family Financial Government Holidays Loss & Grieving Memorial Day Social Services Veterans

Veterans Day 2020 by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Our World   November 7, 2020)
Facts about American veterans…
Topics: Demographics History Holidays Statistics Trends Veterans Day

Halloween Facts by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(My World   October 16, 2020)
The numbers behind recent Halloweens…
Topics: COVID-19 Halloween Holidays Statistics

Veteran's Day 2018 by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Serve   November 5, 2018)
Facts about those who have served…
Topics: Demographics History Holidays Service Statistics Veterans Veterans Day

News & Current Events

 2 records found

Consumers Turn to Biking for Safe Fun and Exercise during Pandemic by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Health & Wellness   June 5, 2021)
Surge in demand prompts bicycle shortages and higher prices…
Topics: Change Coping COVID-19 Financial Lifestyle, General Opportunity Statistics Trends Wellness

What Are You Waiting For? by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Health & Wellness   April 16, 2021)
New tool from U.S. Census Bureau tracks COVID vaccinations and vaccination hesitancy rate…
Topics: COVID-19 Health Care News Wellness


 1 record found

Marriage Trends by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Connections   December 12, 2020)
Marriage and divorce decline as cohabitation rises among younger couples…
Topics: Demographics Family Relationships Statistics Trends

Sports & Recreation

 1 record found

Major League Baseball is Back by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Hobbies & Lesiure   April 1, 2021)
Interesting facts and figures as all 30 teams scheduled for opening day games…
Topics: Baseball COVID-19 Hopes & Dreams Leisure Sports Statistics


 2 records found

Love and Loss Among Older Adults by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Our World   April 24, 2021)
Marriage, divorce, widowhood remain prevalent among older populations…
Topics: Demographics Loss & Grieving Love Relationships Statistics Trends

Homebodies by U.S. Census Bureau staff

(Our World   September 10, 2020)
More than a third of married couples live in state where both were born…
Topics: Change Demographics Family History Statistics Trends